SCUM Bunker Locations: Map and Loot Map

Where can you find the bunkers in SCUM? Is there a map somewhere where the locations of the bunkers in SCUM are located? The survival game SCUM enjoys a great deal of popularity just a week after the release and offers a lot to survival fans. As with any survival game, SCUM will sooner or later need weapons and other equipment to protect against or hunt down other players. In the game there are some bunkers that offer quite good loot, at least in the current version.

In the beginning you usually come across the bunkers rather randomly, so that the question arises more often, at which positions can bunkers be found in SCUM and is there a map with the exact locations?


SCUM – Find bunkers

On Reddit a thread with a loot map has recently appeared, which we can only recommend to any SCUM player. The user SuspectLive has drawn the best loot spots on it and of course this includes the bunkers. The bunkers are marked on the linked map with a yellow dot. In the bunkers you will find in most cases very good loot such as weapons, ammunition, equipment, special clothing and much more. The bunkers are usually defended by two ‘Mechs and there are often a lot of zombies waiting in them. In most cases, you can easily get past the ‘Mechs and go in search of loot in the bunker.

SCUM Loot Map

Incidentally, not only the bunkers in SCUM are marked on the map, but also other good spots to loot, which is very helpful as a beginner in the survival game as a guide. The map is unfortunately not yet interactive (as one or the other may know of some other survival games), however, the loot map is in a very high resolution, so you can see the individual position and locations very well and find in the game can.

Written by: Carizma

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