Shadow oft the Tomb Raider: Trial of the Serpent – Puzzle Solution

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, in addition to the many collectibles and tombs, there are also other secrets to solve. In this guide we show you the Trial of the Serpent.

Mission: The Hidden City
Task: Complete the Trial of the Serpent
Area: Head of the Serpent

After you arrive in the hidden city, there are more tasks and puzzles. One of the next steps is to find the Silver Casket from Ix Chel. On the way to the casket you must pass the test of the serpent.

After a few climbs you come into the first room, there is a joint on the floor, it has to be filled with oil and then you have to pull the lever to start the fire.

The second room is a bit more complicated, you have to tune two platforms so that oil finds its way to the finish. For this you have to connect the two columns with a rope, then adjust the right platform correctly. Then you cut the rope through and bring the left platform in position.

All the details you see in the video!

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Trial of the Serpent – Video Guide

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