Ghost of Tsushima – Shinto Shrines Guide

In Ghost of Tsushima you can find a lot of collectibles but most of them are optional, anyway you need them all to unlock the platinum trophy.

This guide will show you where you can find all 16 Shinto Shrines. You need the Shinto Shrines for the following trophy:

  • Favor of the Kami
    Find and honor all of the Shinto Shrines on Tsushima.

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Shinto Shrines Guide

There are a total of 16 Shinto Shrines in the game. None of these collectibles can be missed, you can find all collectibles during or after the story mode in all choosed dialogues. As soon as you have liberated all Mongol Territories, they will be marked on the map.

When you get closer to a Shinto shrine, you will see some gates that signal the entrance. Then you will always have to do a longer climbing section, at the end you will find the Shinto shrine on a mountain peak. Pray at the shrine and it will reward you with a spell that offers various useful benefits.


Region 1: Izuhara

Shinto Shrine #1: Arrow Peak Shrine (0:10)

Shinto Shrine #2: Winding Mountain Shrine (3:34)

Shinto Shrine #3: Plum Blossom Shrine (6:15)

Shinto Shrine #4: Golden Summit Shrine (7:44)

Shinto Shrine #5: Stone Dragon Shrine (10:05)

Shinto Shrine #6: Spring Falls Shrine (12:16)

Shinto Shrine #7: Mending Rock Shrine (14:54)


Region 2: Toyotama

Shinto Shrine #8: Marsh Rock Shrine (18:13)

Shinto Shrine #9: Scarlet Rock Shrine (20:03)

Shinto Shrine #10: Hazy Cliff Shrine (21:48)

Shinto Shrine #11: Lush Peak Shrine (25:43)

Shinto Shrine #12: Cloud Ridge Shrine (30:19)

Shinto Shrine #13: Turtle Rock Shrine (33:35)


Region 3: Kamiagata

Shinto Shrine #14: Frost Cliff Shrine (36:52)

Shinto Shrine #15: Crane Mountain Shrine (40:46)

Shinto Shrine #16: Snowlit Peak Shrine (42:58)

Written by: Tom Binsack

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