Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 – ALL Camouflages Locations

You need a new camouflage color for your weapon? We show you all the locations of these rare items in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2.


Camouflages Locations Guide

Not only are there many weapons in the game, you can also find some cosmetic items for your weapons. There are a total of 14 camouflage colors to be found in the game, each one is unique.

You can apply the camouflage colors to your weapons, they won’t do more damage, but they will be more beautiful! Just grab the camo’s and pick the most beautiful one.

You can apply the camo colors in the menu Loadout. In the following video you can easily see where they are hidden, arranged by area. Relax and have fun!

Zindah Province
00:07 – Distorted Desert Camo
01:08 – Desert Mountain Camo

Mount Kuamar
01:59 – Desert Storm
02:32 – Autumn Forest
04:43 – Desert Stone Camo
04:25 – Light Desert Camo

Tajmid Heights
05:20 – Desert Classic Camo
05:55 – Desert Dark

Rashida Qalat
06:26 – Desert
07:04 – Camo Offset
07:35 – Dusk Mountain Camo
08:11 – Desert Digital Camo

Maladh Wadi
08:49 – Armor
09:21 – New Desert Camo

09:50 – All Camouflages Showcase

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