Spyro the Dragon: Tree Tops – Secret Supercharge Ramp Locations

In order to complete Spyro The Dragon with 100% you have to unlock all trophies / achievements. In this guide we explain the following task to you:

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Jump off every Supercharge ramp in Tree Tops

The complete list of all trophies and achievement guides can be found here.

Find all Supercharge ramps in Tree Tops

In Tree Tops there are 4 super charge jump ramps. You have to jump from everyone to unlock the trophy and to also use to reach two hard to reach secret areas for 100%. Keep square to increase the speed. Press X to jump off the ramp, but hold square to fly very fast through the air.

The ramps are:

  1. Go into the building at the beginning of the level, jump through the second window on the left to find a hidden side path. Follow the path to the end until you come to a flying island with a trapped dragon. The kite is the first jump ramp.
  2. From the first jump ramp you automatically land in front of the second.
  3. If you jump from the second ramp, turn sharply to the right to jump to the third ramp.
  4. The fourth ramp is no longer overlooked after the third ramp.


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