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Steelrising has a number of trophies, some of which are hidden and must be unlocked. Some trophies require extensive grinding.

Steelrising is a new action RPG set in 1789 Paris that chronicles the story of an alternate French Revolution in which King Louis XVI is a tyrant. You play Aegis, a mechanical bodyguard built by Vaucanson. Protect the Queen and save Paris from the King.

How many trophies are there?

Steelrising has a total of 50 PlayStation trophies for you to collect. There are 40 Bronze trophies, 7 Silver trophies, 2 Gold trophies, and 1 Platinum trophy among them. There are 18 Secret trophies among them. All of the PlayStation trophies and their conditions are mentioned below.

We’ve listed each trophies, including all Secret Trophies that you need to unlock to gain Platinum:

Platinum Trophy

Vive la Révolution – Obtain all trophies

Gold Trophies

Completionist – Finish the game without using the Oil Burette (after the tutorial)
Fashion victim – Acquire all outfits in the base game

Steelrising: Silver (Secret Trophies)

Trophy Name Description
Incorruptible Help Robespierre carry out his plan to make him Consul of the Republic
Royalist Help La Fayette become the Lieutenant Général of young King Henri V’s kingdom
Shield of the Cordeliers Help all the revolutionaries of the Cordeliers Club
Friend of the people Complete all citizen stories
The Mad Titan Defeat the Royal Orpheus
Queen: Versailles Defeat the Iron Queen
Stabiliser Defeat all unstable Automats

Steelrising: Bronze (Secret Trophies)

Trophy Name Description
Bishop: Cité Defeat the Bishop of the Cité
Bishop: Louvre Defeat the Selenite of the Louvre
Rook: Luxembourg Defeat the Alchemist of Luxembourg
Rook: Les Invalides Defeat the Treasurer of Les Invalides
Knight: Montmartre Defeat the Centaur of Montmartre
Knight: Bastille Defeat the Executioner of the Bastille
Conspiracy Investigate the Orléanistes’ plot for La Fayette
Love before money Save Necker by finding his wife before his money
Lanterns of the dead Help Robespierre devise a plan to stop the Automats by forging an alliance with Laclos
Traces of powder Find Lavoisier’s powder and give a significant edge to the Cordeliers Club
Apprentice journalist Conduct a journalistic investigation for Marat, without wrongly accusing La Fayette


Trophy Name Description
Sailor Reach Paris by boat
All aboard! Obtain the horseless carriage
The bodyguard Discover the truth about the Queen’s son and save her from certain death
The Old Alchemist Conduct an investigation for Abbé Grégoire
Automat at your service Help Mirabeau solve his family problems
Abolishing slavery Help Julien Raimond in his fight against slavery
Ludia Follow Bailly’s advice to find out the truth about Ludia
Résurgence Collect all of Athenaïs’s echoes
Saviour Awaken the 7 characters bound to Titans
Safe passage Activate 20 Vestals
Grenadier Defeat 25 enemies with grenades
Pyromaniac Ignite enemies 100 times
Positively shocking Electrocute enemies 100 times
Ms Freeze Freeze enemies 100 times
Supercooled Use Rapid Cooling 50 times
Cold-blooded Perform 10 Perfect Cooldowns
Untouchable Perform 50 counterattacks
Collateral damage Have an enemy be killed by a direct hit from another enemy 5 times
Stealth itself Surprise 20 enemies with stealth attacks
Finish him Immobilise 70 enemies
Titan assassin Defeat a Titan without using the Oil Burette
Technician Equip 4 level 3 modules
David vs. Goliath Kill an enemy with a cobblestone
Professional care Fully upgrade the Oil Burette (4x dosage, 4x effectiveness)
Blacksmith Upgrade a weapon from each of the 7 classes to level 5
The Aegis Block 50 attack impacts with a shield special move
Musketeer Kill 20 enemies with a ranged shot
AoE specialist Perform 10 attacks affecting 3 enemies at once
Eagle-eyed Hit 20 hidden enemies


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