Steelrising Beginners Guide


Steelrising is a new Souls-like game with difficult parts. Steelrising isn’t like Souls, and the plot has a twist. Here are some Steelrising suggestions for newcomers and veterans.

Most Steelrising tips and tricks are for novice players, although a few will help experienced with game features.

Don’t do the Versailles mission until you’re sure that your save is done

Versailles is the final mission. It’s a game requirement. You can’t even return to the stage before the task. Before this mission, do side content. Loading your automatic save will take you to the end-game credits and then the main menu.

Grenades have a lot of power in Steelrising

In Paris, you can buy and use grenades. Freeze, burn, shock, paralysis, and explode grenades exist. These bombs may cause a lot of damage, making mini-bosses, harder normal foes, and even titan bosses easier. Feel free to use whichever bombs and elemental alchemy effects you like. You can loot or buy explosives with anima essence.

Figure out what kind of enemies are elemental

In the beginning, alchemy-savvy adversaries may be hard to notice. More foes focus on one affinity as the game progresses. These opponents are resistant to that alchemical element. If you utilize alchemical weapons or grenades, you must adjust to your opponents.

Change your armor based on your level in Steelrising

Most RPG players think higher levels mean better stuff. After the first two missions, ignore the armor increase modifier. The gear protects against the elements. After the first two levels, each level seems to include more elemental foes. “La Cité” has more fire-using foes. If you use fire-resistant gear, Aegis can take more hits before the fire effect stacks and burns it. The Louvre has more fulmination. Again, switch to fulmination resistance on this level.

Higher-armor-stat gear already lets you absorb less damage, thus this tip isn’t crucial. Long-term exposure to cold, heat, or both should be considered.

Invest some levels in Engineering and Alchemy at all times.

Putting all your points in your favorite damage type is great. Being shot by a villain isn’t. Elements and alchemy are crucial, even if you’re not an alchemist. You must passively improve these to handle the game’s alchemical effects. If you invest a few points in Alchemical, you can employ better armor gear to maintain your Aegis tanky against greater opponents.

Keep an eye out for “!”

Watch out for foes with exclamation marks in Steelrising. Some adversaries with low health show red exclamation points. The opponent will attack hard. This usually entails adversaries pouncing on you or jumping to block a big assault. Time your dodges well. Once you know which adversaries use these moves and when, you can roll. Shielding will take some damage and use some endurance, but counterattacking is difficult.

Steelrising’s Level exploration is a reason to keep coming back

Each level contains fresh things to see, such as closed gates, towers, chests, and citizen stories. This is on purpose because you need a tool. You’ll fight giants as you play. Beating titans unlocks new tools for exploring Paris’s levels. With these tools, you can solve challenges you couldn’t before. Write down the spots you couldn’t reach or riddles you couldn’t answer, then try again with your new tools.

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Written by: Rai O.

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