Steelrising: Bodyguard Class Guide

Steelrising Bodyguard Class

Steelrising includes four starting classes with various playstyles. The Bodyguard is the first character on the character creator screen. We’ll teach you the Bodyguard tips and tactics.

Steelrising Bodyguard is the tank class. This class starts with the most armor and health, with a Warhammer/shield hybrid. Here are the fundamental beginning stats and playstyles.

Starting Features Name Description
Weapon Body of Work Warhammer weapon has 74 starting damage and a special shield move.
Grenade Petrification Grenade A grenade that temporarily immobilises an enemy.
Perk 1 Durability +3 Start with three points in Durability, which grants increased health and balance.
Perk 2 Engineering +2 Engineering increases armor, the effectiveness of alchemical afflictions, and the chance of finding loot.

Steelrising Bodyguard attributes, stats and modifiers

Attributes Aegis Attack Defence
Power: 0 Anima Essence: 0 Physical Damage: 74 Balance: 12%
Durability: 3 lvl. up: 1000 Flame Damage: 0 Armor: 70
Agility:0 Health: 310 Frost Damage: 0 Flame Resistance: 6%
Vigor: 0 Endurance: 100 Fulmination Damage: 0 Frost Resistance: 0%
Elemental Alchemy: 0 Alchemical Capsules: 5 Special Move damage: 0 Fulmination resistance: 6%
Engineering: 2 Loot Multiplier: x1.14 Impact: 103
Immobilization: 30
Critical Hit Multiplier: x1
Affliction Multiplier: x1.14

The attack damage is mostly tied to the beginning weaponry, and some attributes will change. Stats directly affect Impact – Affliction Multiplier.

The Bodyguard has improved armor, health, and physical damage and impact emphasis. This build’s playstyle and starting locations help players time powerful attacks and deal massive damage.

Steelrising Bodyguard’s weapon recommendations

Long-range weapons and wheels scale hardest with damage and impact score:

La Perouse Wheel
Wheel of Vengeance
Body of Work
Romas Artisan – Volt-infused Halberd After earning the three movement tools, you can get it from a box in Saint-Cloud. Using affliction multiplier is optional.

Body of Work has the longest range but least physical and impact damage. The Wheel of Vengeance has the highest base physical assault of the three weapons and a high-impact special move that counterattacks. It’s short-ranged. The La Perouse Wheel is a shorter-range weapon with more impact and damage than the Wheel of Time. Its signature move is the Triple attack, a quick combo that deals physical damage.

Bodyguard’s playstyle emphasizes impact score. The score reflects a weapon’s ability to knock an enemy off balance. Tougher adversaries have superior balance and can withstand lower hit scores. Higher impact means more likely enemy knockdown. Knocking over an enemy, big or tiny, ensures you can land your next slow, strong strike.

Bodyguard’s stat priorities are:

1. Power
2. Durability
3. Engineering

Durability is crucial for the Bodyguard due to his small range and lethargic playstyle.

Engineering boosts armor and elemental resistances. Armor reduces damage, increases resistance to elemental effects, which is useful against elemental foes, and reduces the frost impact of the cooldown mechanism, as you have short endurance and rely on it.

You can invest levels and anima as you see fit. You can also put more points into other stats, but that’s not the Bodyguard playstyle.


Frost and Petrification grenades are good consumables. Petrification Grenades immobilize adversaries, making them easier to hit with Bodyguard’s short range and hefty attacks.

Frost grenades temporarily freeze foes. This makes it easier to hit foes with your high-damage weaponry. After enough hits, frozen adversaries get knocked down, allowing you to land heavier blows. You can also execute this at the end of an enemy’s frozen time, marked by their nameplate.


Four upgradeable modules are available to players. Bodyguard modules include:

Resistance Mods – Use a resistance mod to neutralize the robots’ element.
Fight or Flight Module –  increases damage and impact when Aegis’ health is low.
Destruction Module – Increases physical damage.
Ventilation Module – Reduces internal frost damage due by rapid cooling. Bodyguards employing heavy swings may likely use rapid cooling more.

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Written by: Rai O.

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