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steelrising citizen stories

Steelrising has 18 places where people’s stories take place. You must complete all Citizen Stories before reaching Versailles.

Please also keep in mind that some Citizen Stories may go away after a certain point in the game or after you download your save from the PS Cloud. As you walk through the neighborhoods of Paris, you may hear voices coming from open windows or doors. When you do, walk up to the cocked window or door to talk to a Citizen of Paris. They will tell you what occurred to them and may even ask you for a tiny favor. For the Friend of the People trophy and achievement, you need to find all 18 Citizen Stories and finish their dialogues or do what they ask.

Here is a list of all 18 Citizen Stories, in the order that the game suggests you visit the districts.

Steelrising: Les Invalides (first story-related visit)

Proceed up and to the right over the tiny wooden fence from the Vestal. You must now observe a well. Now, seize the water bottle at its feet. Now go forward and you should find a locked gate directly ahead. Turn around and proceed up the hill to the left, but do not penetrate the gap in the wall. Instead, continue past it and to the right until you reach the previously locked gate. Unlock it to create a shortcut, then turn around and continue walking until you reach the cockade-adorned home. When the woman requests the bottle, speak with her and hand it to her.

When you reach a tile on fire, ascend the ledge behind the Musketeer adversary firing grenades, descend into the new section, and go until you find a well. In opposition to the well is a fortified residence with a cockade. To continue communicating with him, you must first eliminate the Automats in the area. Exhaust all dialogues; continue conversing with him until there are no more dialogues. In the final speech, he will say “Allez-vous-en!”; this indicates that the mission has been done. Normally, you will not earn a reward from it.

La Cité

After traversing the “Banks of the Seine” riverbank, you will reach “Île de la Cité” and see a cutscene. After the cutscene, another Vestal will appear in front of you. Left of the Vestal is a cockade-adorned window. Talk to the survivor who wants you to murder the Bishop of the Cité, the Titan boss of the region. Immediately to the right is a ramp going to the arena of the boss. After defeating this major boss, return to the survivor using the L1+SQUARE hook to climb back over the fence and continue speaking with him until all dialogue options have been exhausted. You may now proceed to the subsequent Citizen Story, which is a continuation of this one.

Backtrack across the large broken bridge with the vestal on it, from where you came (there was a cutscene that handed you “An episcopal ring” previously). Across the bridge in the opposite way is a road leading to a locked gate. Before entering the locked gate, the first window on the right side of this route emits orange light and displays a red cockade icon. Communicate with the lady at the window. She will explain that her son has vanished.

The son was the sole survivor in La Cité’s first Citizen Story. Because you have defeated the boss and conversed with him, you can inform her that you have located and secured her son. Complete all discussions to receive three Petrification Grenades and two Endurance Fluid Vials. After receiving this reward, you are finished with this one.

La Cité – continued

Continue on the standard story path and utilize the hook you get from fighting the titan monster to traverse the rooftops (you can use the compass item to see a golden marker where to go). Check the cockade door to the right as soon as you enter a room on the roofs (non-optional, default plot path).

Two males will be heard conversing behind the door. Listen until their conversation concludes, then run outside and return to the door to initiate a fresh conversation. Repeat this several times until there are no more dialogues. The final line of conversation should read, “I hope you’re correct, Monsieur; I hope you’re correct.” They cannot be interacted with and cannot provide a reward. You simply listen to all of their conversations until they stop talking.

Steelrising: The Tuileries

After defeating the gardens and reaching the first Vestal at The Tuileries, fight the shielded automaton on the street. You can now either climb to the balcony or continue through the streets. As soon as you enter the little archway, look to your right for a door with a cocked hat. After inside the little archway, you should hear a woman speaking. Simply continue speaking with her until all dialogue options have been exhausted; there is nothing else to do here; she offers no reward or anything. The final thing she will say is “You must stop their advance.”

You will confront a shielded automaton and one firing blue projectiles in the subsequent sector. Once the adversaries have been eliminated, proceed to the right towards the massive wooden gate with barricades; on the left is a door with a cockade. Interact with it to speak with a Doctor who will request that you gather healing tools. The item in question is the Doctor’s Pouch, which can be found in the Luxembourg neighborhood within Dr. Lemonnier’s office. As part of the side quest In Memory of the Dauphin, you must travel here.

After unlocking the gate using the Housekeeper’s key given to you by Mirabeau and defeating an Ice Squire, check the area to the right of where you battled it.

As part of the side quest Nicolas Flamels’ final expedition, you must enter the Tuileries tunnels to recover Ludia’s designs. Before the hole where you must use your hook, you can hear two men conversing behind the bars.


Take the central road from where you spawn and continue beyond the derailed carriage on your left. If you are unable to initiate the dialogue at the horseless carriage, try reloading the region, eliminating the neighboring automatons first, or returning later.

After the district’s first Vestal, ascend the stairs and turn right.

After traversing the Luxembourg Gardens, a Vestal will be reached. On your journey forward, instead of passing through the park, descend to the left. Continue until you reach the cocked window on the left.

Turn around, return to the park, and exit through a wall that may be kicked. Entering the archway, the cockaded door will be to your right.
Les Invalides (second story-related visit)

Next to the Vestal you activated near De Vaucanson’s house.

After defeating the Unstable Automat of the area by the church, continue down the stairs (intended path), then turn left to find a barricaded boulangerie with the cockade on the beams.

Steelrising: The Bastille

As part of the side mission A Family Affair, you will arrive here. The cocked door is just adjacent to the objective. Engage your compass to determine the way there.

On the main path leading to the Bastille, close to a single Musician automaton, in front of a gap in the hedge.

As soon as you reach the Bastille fortress, you will notice a loaf of bread lying on the ground to your left. Check the second door on your right when you enter the Bastille fortress through the window. Talk with the prisoner and hand him the bread.

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