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Steelrising features soul-like dynamics, a large range of weapons, power-ups, and difficult opponents. Let’s check out this grenades guide.

Players value traits and equip above explosives. Grenades may be incredibly powerful in battles and boss fights. Next, we’ll look at a few distinct varieties of grenades, each with its own set of features.

The following is a guide to Steelrising’s Grenades.

Steelrising players often ignore grenades to improve their abilities and equipment. Despite the game’s great character and weapon construction, grenades are the most effective. Vestels can’t buy grenades. Anima essence can be looted or dropped by enemies.

Steelrising has a variety of grenades:

Steelrising Flame Grenade

To begin with, this Mechanical Engineering Corps grenade demolishes enemy-occupied buildings. This single-target anti-personnel weapon is used by certain Automat infantry units.

The flame grenade deals fire damage each second.

Steelrising Frost Grenade

This grenade was created by alchemy and William Cullen’s artificial ice research. In humans, it causes widespread, persistent, and nearly immediate necrosis.

When used against a machine, it permanently damages the metal. You can use combinations, light and heavy attacks, and a frost grenade to freeze your opponent.

Fulmination Grenade

Moving ahead, this bomb uses alchemical principles and Benjamin Franklin’s efforts to harness lightning.

Opponents are electrocuted. This has been shown to harm both the human body and machines.

Explosive Grenade 

Regardless, this cast-iron grenade deals significant Physical Damage to a single victim.

It is used by grenadier mechanical guards. This grenade throws opponents back and explodes them.

Petrification Grenade 

Lastly, this grenade on this list is designed to paralyze opponents rather than hurt them.

It flashes a dazzling light at its target. Humans and robots alike become immovable.

Knowing more about grenades and their abilities will allow you to use them more frequently in battle and defeat bosses more easily.

What combination of grenades are you using in Steelrising? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by: Rai O.

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