Steelrising: How do I upgrade my weapon?


Steelrising have weapon upgrades improve playability as the tale unfolds. All upgrade items are still relevant from levels 1-5. You’ll always be upgrading weaponry while you play. Here’s a quick guide how to upgrade weapons in Steelrising.

The game requires a vestal or horseless carriage to upgrade weaponry. Once there, click Upgrades, then Weapons to view your inventory. Each weapon level has a prerequisite. Players must spend anima improving weaponry.

Steelrising upgrade requirements:

Level Anima Bronze Ingot
Level 2 1500 1
Level 3 3000 2
Level 4 5000 3
Level 5 7500 3


Bronze Ingots

Bronze ingots are a common weapon upgrade material. These are taken from:

  • Lower-level chests.
  • Low drop chance on both lootable and killable dead robots. Larger robots, notably gargoyles, and siege-type monsters have a higher probability of dropping them.
  • White loot sources, notably on dead robot props in lower level zones, are white.
  • The Boutique sells copper ingots early on.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is prevalent in Steelrising, especially later in the game, but scarce early on. Similar to Bronze, Cast Iron loot sources are:

  • Advanced foes
  • Game-ending chests
  • Boutique

Bismuth Blocks

Bismuth Blocks only emerge late in Steelrising. The Item is a late-game item that upgrades weapons around level 3-4 and 4-5.

Bismuth Block usually drops from Unstable Automats. You can also claim them from other sources, such as buying them from the Boutique when they unlock and looting chests in earlier levels’ new sections, usually due to side quests.


The final craftable is orichalcum. End-game substance acquired by killing Titan bosses. Sentinel and Bishop don’t drop it, though. Oricahlcum’s natural sources are limited.

What is your favorite weapon in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by: Rai O.

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