Steelrising: Oil Burette Locations

steelrising oil burette

Steelrising includes Oil Burettes, which are Aegis’ major means of healing during the game.

This should be at the top priority to upgrade. You must also find all Oil Burette Upgrade Locations to unlock the trophy and achievement “Professional Care.”

During your first or second visit to Versailles, the Oil Burette will undergo a comprehensive renovation. The Oil Burette requires the Lavoisier Sublimator and Lavoisier Catalyst to be upgraded, which increases the number of uses and the amount of health restored each use, respectively, for each use.

Here is a guide for all Oil Burette Upgrade Locations in Steelrising, based on the suggested visitation sequence of the game’s districts.


Lavoisier Catalyst – After locating the compass and descending a hill, you will encounter a Vestal. This new location also contains a well. Behind the fountain is a chest.

Les Invalides

Lavoisier Sublimator – When you reach the Factory Port, immediately turn left (white text shows on-screen).

La Cité

Lavoisier Sublimator – After acquiring the ring (a story-related, non-optional event) and engaging with the Vestal, descend the shattered bridge to locate the chest.


Lavoisier Catalyst – When you reach the building that resembles a temple immediately after entering the region, you should observe a large Ice Squire automaton standing alone in the distance. Look above him for a point of entry. Follow the required path from this point to reach this chest.


Lavoisier Catalyst – Prior to Mirabeau’s residence, there is a small square containing an Acolyte and two Musketeer automatons. Located near some wooden barrels is this chest.


Lavoisier Sublimator – Moving inside the quarry will eventually lead you to a large open area with two Arachnids and one Ram in the center. The only way forward is through a gate that you must kick open. Then, after kicking open a second gate, you’ll come to a fork in the road. Don’t start going down the hill just yet. Instead, take the road up until you reach some wooden scaffolding. The chest is at the very bottom of these.

La Bastille

Lavoisier Catalyst – by a massive gilded cannon on the Bastille’s ramparts


Lavoisier Sublimator – After reaching the third Vestal, continue along the main route until you reach a tiny amphitheater. The chest is located at the top of the seating area, directly ahead of where you entered.

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