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Steelrising has a trophy called the Fashion Victim. In order to get this achievement, you must locate all Outfits.

Each Outfit is made up of many pieces, and you must collect them all to complete an Outfit. Before going to Versailles, all Outfits must be found. The following is a list of all Outfit Locations, organized in the sequence in which you should visit the districts in the game.

Steelrising: Saint-Cloud

Polignac Cap

You’ll come to a fork after triggering the first Vestal in the tutorial section. Take a right and you’ll come across a chest by a fountain.

Muscadin Bicorn and Coat

After fighting the area’s first major enemy, use the log to cross the area’s bridge and reach the opposite side. This chest can be found by a gate near a Prototype adversary.

Steelrising: Les Invalides – On your first story related visit

Muscadin Culottes, Shoes and Gaiters

You’ll ultimately discover a shortcut that leads back to the area’s Vestal. Notice the opponent shooting at you in the same place where you opened the shortcut. A climb point above him leads to this treasure buried in a room, which is the planned path.

Diane Breeches, Shoes and Gaiters

You can find this inside Eugene de Vaucanson’s workshop.

Diane Capeline and Redingote

Soon after entering the Factory, you’ll come to a crossroads where you can either head up some stairs or back outdoors to jump on some dangling platforms. Continue down the main road, down the stairs, and you’ll soon reach this chest.

Quadrilles Culottes, Shoes and Gaiters

It can be found inside de Vaucaunson’s house. You will visit this location as part of the side quest Origins.

Steelrising: La Cité

Citizen’s Top Hat and Carmagnole

Inside the chest, near the encounter with the Unstable Butcher in Place Dauphine.

Citizen’s Trousers and Clogs

Next to the Vestal, after repairing the lever that opens the gate.4

La Rouiere Carmagnole and Culottes

Within a chest found as part of the Sleepless side task.

Formal Bicorn and Doublet

It is located within the underground headquarters in the sewers. As part of the side quest Glory and Dishonor, you will travel there.

Formal Culottes, Shoes and Gaiters

Within a building in Le Cité that you will visit as part of the side quest A Family Affair.

Steelrising: The Tuilieres

Grand Veneur Tricot and Coat

You will approach a Vestal after the first Echo in this area. After the Vestal, this chest is in the same location as some opponents.

Grand Veneur Culottes, Shoes and Gaiters

After defeating the unstable Automat inside the gallery, you can find it near to the Vestal point.

Secret du Roi Culottes, Shoes and Gaiters

Located within the Palace of Tuileries. You can go there by destroying one of the gates with L1+TRIANGLE. To get to the gate, take the shortcut from the horseless carriage position and then travel through the gallery. You’ll come here as part of Necker’s effort to reclaim the safe’s contents.

Steelrising: Luxembourg

Théâtre-Français Turban and Doublet

On the main walkway, near the temple-looking building, shortly after entering this region.

Secret du Roi Hood and Coat

Dr Lemonnier’s office, near the Vestal point you activate after slaying the Alchemist of Luxembourg. To get there, use the compass.

Théâtre-Français Tights, Shoes and Buskins

It’s hidden inside the chest near the Cordeliers Convent.

Steelrising: Les Invalides – On your second story related visit

Quadrille Culottes, Shoes and Gaiters

Inside the house of Eugene de Vaucanson. You’ll visit this location as part of the side mission Origins.

Quadrille Tricorn and Dress

Proceed to the next Vestal point after beating the Treasurer of Les Invalides. The chest is right in front of you.

La Rouiere Capeline, Shoes and Gaiters

Located inside a chest by a dead tree. The Sleepless side quest will lead you to the dead tree.

Steelrising: Montmartre

Smuggler’s Hat and Mandrin’s Doublet

In the very rear of Marat’s hideout, near the bunk beds.

Mandrin Culottes, Caligae and Buskins

After repairing the elevator near Marat’s lair, it will be on your way in a cave-like area with a large number of foes.

These Outfits can be acquired from Any Boutique in Steelrising:

Rochambeau Coat

Polignac Culottes

Rochambeau Culottes

Polignac Boot and Gaiters

Rochambeau Shoes and Gaiters

Polignac Frock

Rochambeau Tricorn

Polignac Riding Hood

There you go! For other guides in Steelrising, you can check it out here.

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