Steelrising Soldier Class

This Steelrising Soldier class guide will show you the class’s starting stats, general build, and recommended weapons when you obtain them. Well-rounded class with good playstyles and plenty of armament options. Steelrising Soldier class combines strength and crit, with two-handed weapons.

Below are Steelrising Soldier tips & tricks. We start with class stats and weaponry, accentuating the class’s aesthetic. Starting with the right class can help you achieve your ideal playstyle. After that, we’ll give you weapon recommendations to suit your playstyle. Followed by grenade and consumable suggestions, level-up stat prioritization, and optimum modules for the Soldier’s playstyle.

Starting Features Name Description
Weapon Gribeauval Halberd Heavy long weapon reach two-handed halberd with a base of 64 damage, with a special move that can shoot enemies.
Grenade Explosive Grenade A grenade capable of dealing damage and knicking over enemies.
Perk 1 Power +3 Power increases Physical damage and Impact.
Perk 2 Vigour +2 Increases Endurance, and Critical Damage inflicted on enemies

Soldier attributes, stats, and modifiers

Attributes Aegis Attack Defence
Power: 3 Anima Essence: 0 Physical Damage: 71 Balance: 0%
Durability: 0 lvl. Up: 1000 Flame Damage: 0 Armor: 30
Agility: 0 Health: 250 Frost Damage: 0 Flame Resistance: 6%
Vigor: 2 Endurance: 114 Fulmination Damage: 0 Frost Resistance: 0%
Elemental Alchemy: 0 Alchemical Capsules: 5 Special Move damage: 36 Fulmination Resistance: 6%
Engineering: 0 Loot Multiplier: x1 Impact: 87
Immobilization: 24
Critical Hit Multiplier: x1.16
Affliction Multiplier:x1

Steelrising Soldier’s weapon recommendations

Soldiers need endurance for their hefty swings and force to boost damage and impact. Therefore, weapons with strong Power and Agility scaling can aid create immobility for the Vigour stat’s crit rating. You want a main weapon with a high power rating and a secondary weapon with decent power and agility scaling to ramp immobilization, especially against Unstable Automats or Titans.

Here are some good Power and Agility weapons for the Soldier. We recommend the four below, but feel free to explore.

Leda Halberd: A Halberd with somewhat modified stats and a shield secondary fire. It helps the Soldier’s weak defense.

Fire Chain: Medium-weight weapon with great physical damage, impact, and immobility. The weapon has a decent range and may cleave nicely with a strong tap or a medium range full charge. Its special adds fire damage, which boosts DPS against creatures you can burn without scaling ailment.

Volley Mallet: Two-handed, round-firing mace. This B-Power rating can immobilize meaty crits at close range.

Gribeauval Halberd: The beginning Halberd has a ranged secondary attack, respectable melee range, and a long-range fully charged charge assault. It’s safe and dependable.

Dueling Pistol: The Dueling Pistol is a side mission weapon in the Tuiliers that brings you to the Louvre’s top level apartments. It’s a strong physical damage pistol that works with the Soldier.

Soldiers’ stat priorities are:

1. Power
2. Vigour
3. Engineering / Durability / Alchemy
4. Agility

Your build prioritizes Power, Knockback, and Physical Damage. Then use Vigour to boost your crit rate and Endurance. Then, passively enhance your defense stats. Add defense points as needed.

Only if you specialize in my Power/Agility balanced weapons will you need agility. Otherwise, it’s the least-priority stat.


Grenades are used to temporarily disable or slow down your opponent. Soldiers should use Petrification and Frost grenades. These make landing heavy weapons easier and give a life-saving technique when you’re low and need to halt the combat to rescue yourself or set up massive charged attacks.


Destruction Module: Increases Physical Damage
Endurance Module: Increases Endurance.
Fight or Flight: Increases physical damage and impact when Aegis’ health is low.

Optional defense module – Depending on the boss or elemental opponents, this can be armor, resistance, or health. The modules for Aegis address her weaknesses or improve her strengths. We recommend employing the Destruction Module at a minimum due to its increased physical damage, which scales with all weapons. Take Endurance Module. Soldiers burn through endurance quickly, whether using fast combos or heavy weapons. Extra Endurance helps with damage output or dodging, since soldiers lack fundamental protection.

Third, Flight or Fight – This is effective for low-health players, although it’s situational. Players should pick a defensive module, such as enhanced health, armor, or elemental resistance, for easier map runs.

Since the third module is optional, you can buy an extra Destruction Module and stack that added damage, especially when you can earn several Tier 3 Destruction modules from the Boutique after beating four Titans.

What is your current build? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by: Rai O.

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