Steelrising is a Souls-like game with action RPG combat, soul-collecting mechanics, and other components. Here is a guide on boss locations.

Souls-like games are famously difficult to complete due to their lengthy stories, difficult boss encounters, and steep learning curves.

So, how long does Steelrising continue, and when must you conquer it? Is it as big as other souls, like as video games, or has it outgrown expectations?

There are numerous Steelrising bosses to face throughout the game, including Unstable Automaton and Titan enemies on every level. The Selenite of the Louvre, a shielding soldier with a long-reaching pike and a few alchemical attacks, is one of the first you encounter. Let’s break down the Titan boss locations.

Steelrising Titan Boss Locations

Titans are the most dangerous enemies you’ll face in the game. They have their own moves, strategies, health phases, and other things. There is one Titan in each level, and you can eventually find it through a side mission or the main story. Killing the Titans is the best way to get trophies and extra materials to help your character grow and improve your gear.

Boss Level Location
Selenite of the Louvre The Tuileries You will naturally stumble upon the Louvre as you venture through the gardens and the city into the Louvre. You will then approach a building with a broken floor that slides into the middle of the building, where you fight the boss before rescuing Baily.
Bishop of the Cité La Cité You head into the La Cite and work your way through the city bit by bit. Eventually, you’ll come across the Palais de Justice with the boss on the other side of the fence.
Alchemist of the Luxembourg Luxembourg Fight your way into the Luxembourg Palace grounds and work you’re way through the garden. You will eventually stumble upon a way into the palace and then into the courtyard, where you fight the Alchemist.
Treasurer of Les Invalides Les Invalides The boss is inside the Les Invalides hotel, which you visit to complete the cavalry side mission from La Fayette and the main story mission of freeing the Les Invalides hotel further down the main story.
The Centaur Montmartre You will naturally come across this boss during the main story. You need to go into Montmartre to get to the Bastille, and then you will fight the Centaur at the bottom level of the quarry.
The Executioner Bastille When you get to the Bastille, you will manoeuvre around the prison castle, and find yourself climbing around the scaffolding to get to the bottom and into the centre safely. This will then trigger the boss’s fight.
The Royale Orpheus Saint-Cloud Aegis will get a correspondence letter in the horseless carriage addressed by the queen telling her to return to Saint-Cloud. Simply follow the side quest instructions to make it to the boss.
The Iron Queen Versailles The final boss of the game you encounter in the main story during the Versaille level.

Steelrising Unstable Automats Boss Locations

Boss Level Location
Unstable Lancer Saint-Cloud This is the very first boss you will come across if you follow the garden path as intended, rather than doing the jump skip over the bridge.
Unstable Lightning Ram Saint-Cloud At the end of the Saint Cloud Forest, by the river’s pier. You need to fight this for the main story.
Unstable Forger Les Invalides You will find this monster inside a blacksmithing / Forge room as you make your way through the workshop area on your way to accessing the main story character in the workshop’s roof.
Unstable Statuary Ram Tuileries Inside the Louvre Apartments on the ground floor. It is possible to miss this by accident if you stick to the top floor, manoeuvre past it, and find the echoes for the main mission objectives.
Unstable Butcher Le Cité In the Place Dauphin are of the Cité level. You will naturally stumble upon this as you make your way to defeating the Titan in the Palais de Justice.
Unstable Falcon Luxembourg You will naturally encounter this in the Luxembourg Gardens, which you venture through on your way you the Luxembourg Palace.
Unstable Frost Acolyte Les Invalides Infront of the church door in the Église Sainte-Marie. It can be found as you navigate through the second half of the Les Invalides when you have the movement tools for Aegis unlocked.
Unstable Scout Montmartre Inside the Reserves area of the quarry. You will naturally stumble upon this as you make your way to finding Monsieur Marat.
Unstable Ballista Ram Bastille Place Royale
Unstable Lumberer Saint-Morte In the the Íle Monsieur section of the map .You will encounter this easily as you follow the side mission to return to the queen by following the compass’s instructions.
Unstable Gargoyle Versaille In the Bosquet de la Colonnade, area of the Versaille map You will come across this as you make your way through the Versaille gardens as you partake in the main story.


Also, you get the Stabiliser trophy if you beat all of these Automats in a single playthrough.

And that’s it! You now know where the bosses of both types of enemies are in Steelrising. May there be a lot of trophies and a lot of good loot.

What is your class in Steelrising? Are you a Dancer, Soldier, Bodyguard or Alchemist? Let’s battle it out on the comments below!

Written by: Rai O.

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