Steelrising is a Souls-inspired RPG. Players must choose a class before entering the game, just like in Souls. Each class has its own playstyle twist and passive perks to help create a character. The plot thickens. This Steelrising Class Choosing Guide explains the distinctions between the four starting classes and their playstyles.

What class do I pick?

Each Steelrising class has a different playstyle and starting traits. You’re not bound to play that role throughout the game; you can obtain different weapons to try out alternative playstyles. You can switch between two weapons in your build to cover a weakness. You’ll acquire weapons as you plunder chests and beat enemies.

The initial perks and modifications of a class should guide your role and weapon choices. The initial weapon is frequently replaced with a nicer one as you progress, and starting greandes are meaningless because you can obtain them later.

In-game weapons have ratings for the stats they operate with. These numbers show which weapons compliment perk investments and builds.

Let’s examine the four Steelrising classes.

Bodyguard Class

Bodyguards are heavy infantry. It has a slow, but powerful Warhammer and Engineering and Durability starting bonuses, making it a tanky and durable class from the start, with enhanced balance numbers to keep you on your feet. If you like heavy swings and can take a battering, this is for you.

Class feature Name Description
Weapon Body of Work Warhammer weapon has 74 starting damage and a special shield move.
Grenade Petrification Grenade A grande that temporarily immobilises an enemy.
Perk 1 Durability +3 Start with three points in Durability, which grants increased health and balance.
Perk 2 Engineering +2 Engineering increases armor, the effectiveness of alchemical afflictions, and the chance of finding loot.


Starting stat modifiers:

Health: 310
Loot Multiplier: x1.14
Affliction Multiplier: x1.14
Balance: 12%
Armor: 70

This class is sluggish and lacks range. Bodyguards might take extra damage if players misinterpret or mistime adversary movement and assaults. When you do land one, most adversaries will fall over thanks to your high impact rating, making it easier to land our attacks. Frost grenades assist slow down foes so your assaults can land easily.

Soldier Class

Soldiers are versatile and can deliver lethal blows from a distance. All of this focuses on strengthening your physical damage perks to ensure effective ranged attacks. In the beginning of the game, the Soldier has no protection or counterattack, therefore he takes hits occasionally. This is if you don’t choose a defensive weapon or crowd control grenade in your second weapon slot.

Class feature Name Description
Weapon Gribeauval Halberd Heavy long weapon reach two-handed halberd with a base of 64 damage, with a special move that can shoot enemies.
Grenade Explosive Grenade A grenade capable of dealing damage and knicking over enemies.
Perk 1 Power +3 Power increases Physical damage and Impact.
Perk 2 Vigour +2 Increases Endurance, and Critical Damage inflicted on enemies


Starting stat modifiers:

Endurance: 114
Physical Damage: 71
Impact: 87
Critical Hit Multiplier: x1.16

After the build is up and running, you’ll deal a lot of crit damage and have a solid combination of impact, immobility, and crit for extended periods.

Dancer Class

Dancers have weaker but faster attacks than other Steelrising classes. Fast attack weapons and combos are used to immobilize enemies before critical hits. To avoid being hit, the basic playstyle for this class is to dodge in, trade fast blows, and then dodge out of the enemy’s onslaught. Your shield can deflect attacks, especially from light attack robots.

Class feature Name Description
Weapon Armored Fans Light dual wield weapon that deals 52 base damage, with a secondary attack that turns her weapons into a shield.
Grenade Flame Grenade Explosive grenade that ignites enemies affected.
Perk 1 Agility +3 Increases Immobilization Damage and Physical Damage.
Perk 2 Vigour +2 Increases Endurance and Critical Damage inflicted on enemies.


Starting stat modifiers:

Endurance: 114
Physical Damage: 54
Immobilisation: 41
Critical Hit Modifier: x1.16

This is a difficult class to play, and its short range puts players in risk. The hardest class to play, although it deals a lot of damage and moves elegantly, like a dancer. This class is for assassin fans or those who desire a harder start.

Alchemist Class

The Alchemist has the lowest physical and weapon damage output, but the most elemental and alchemical damage and equipment. This class uses elemental weaponry for long and short-range elemental application. This class is more consumable-focused and does more with the game’s grenade varieties.

Class feature Name Description
Weapon Glass-core Batons Dual wield two batons, each dealing 45 damage, with its secondary move infusing the first element with its attacks for a few seconds.
Grenade Alchemical Resistance Vial Consume to clear any frost, fire, or electric status effects on the character.
Perk 1 Elemental Alchemy +3 Increases alchemical damage and resistance.
Perk 2 Engineering +2 Engineering increases armor, the effectiveness of Afflictions and the chance of finding loot.


Starting stat modifiers:

Loot Multiplier: x1.14
Affliction Multiplier: x1.14
Flame Resistance: 18%
Frost Resistance: 12%
Full Resistance: 18%

This class is initially weak, but as you face more elemental enemies, you’ll suffer less damage. As the game develops, you’ll obtain additional elemental consumables and weapons, expanding your weaponry options and defining your playstyle. This class has a distinct Souls-like playstyle.

Have you chosen your class and what is your playstyle? Comment down below!

Written by: Rai O.

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