Stray: All Notebooks Locations Guide – Momo Quest

Looking for all the notebooks in the Stray cat adventure? Ok, so let’s get to it, we’ll show you where to find all these notes.

The notebooks are part of the story, you can’t help but look for them!

This happens when you get to the slums (Chapter 4), after you meet the guard he will send you to Momo. Momo the robot needs the notebooks so that the transceiver can be repaired and you can get to the outside world.

So you have to find Momo’s notebook, but you get it automatically. Then the search begins, find Doc’s notebook, Clementine’s notebook and Zbaltazar’s notebook.

The following video shows you all locations. Once you’ve got them all, all you have to do is return to Momo!


Stray Notebooks Locations

Written by: Carizma

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