The Ascent: Access Denied – How To Hack and Cyberdeck Upgrade Locations

The Ascent Cyberdeck Hack Tutorial

It is not uncommon for you to stand at doors or chests in “The Ascent” where the message “Access Denied” appears. The blocked access prevents you from exploring further areas or opening chests which may have goddies. To get around this problem, we explain to you in this manual how you can bypass every object.


How to hack the access denied doors and chests

Hacking in the game is easy to understand but also time consuming. In theory, you can open any chest in the game and access any locked room by hacking.

To hack you just have to press a button. On the PC you click on “C” and on consoles press and hold the “Y” button.

By pressing the appropriate button, a bubble-like technique appear. This allows any door and chest that is in his AoE to be opened. There is one thing to be concerned about, however.

You cannot open everything you find at the beginning of the game. The ability to hack must be improved in the course of the game (Hack Upgrade). The more you invest in the hacking upgrade, the more chests and doors you can open.

How can I upgrade hacking? You have to upgrade your cyberdeck. In the course of the game you will find items that have better stats and improve your hacking skills. The fact is: the better your cyberdeck is, the more doors and chests with a high ICE level you can open.

Here you can see a video with some Cyberdeck Upgrade Loctions, have fun!

If you need further help or are looking for all skill points: Here is our Achievement Guide


CyberDeck Upgrade Locations

00:00 – Intro
00:49 – CyberDeck #1 (City Kicker) – Cluster 13 (Near the Armory Symbol on Mini Map)
01:36 – CyberDeck #2 (Peacemaker CD) – No Man’s Land (Southwest of the grinder)
03:12 – CyberDeck #3 (Icepick) – Coder’s Cove
03:54 – CyberDeck #4 (Plug) – CosmodromeAG Vault
04:30 – CyberDeck #5 (Visitor) – AG Vault / DNexus
06:01 – CyberDeck #6 (Manta D) – Lanier’s Apartment
06:22 – CyberDeck #7 (Diva) – exMat Lab
08:10 – CyberDeck #8 (The Arcade) – CorpZone
08:46 – CyberDeck #9 (Ghost of Veles) – The Glut
10:35 – CyberDeck #10 – Arcology: Pinnacle
12:52 – CyberDeck #11 – Nitroad

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