To upgrade your character in “The Ascent” you need skill points. With these skill points you can unlock and improve various skills. Your abilities offer different benefits such as increased health, energy, accuracy, passive tactical charging, and more.

As soon as you go up a level, you will automatically receive 3 skill points. In order to fully upgrade your skills, these points are not enough, you have to find more skill points in the game.

In this guide we want to show you where you can find the extra skill points in the world of “The Ascent”. If you go looking for the skill points, you will also unlock the following achievement:

  • Self improvement
    Allocated 3 Skill points


If you need further help or are looking for the achievements: Here is our Achievement Guide


How to get all Skill Points in The Ascent

Skill Point #1: Cluster 13 – Workout Courtyard

You can get this skill point at the end of the first mission. When you reach cluster 13 walk towards the bar. The bar is shown as a symbol on the mini-map. Behind the bar is the skill point.

Skill Point Cluster 13

Skill Point #2: Waste Recycling Network

If you are in the Waste Recycling Network for the second time. You can find it right after the encounter with another Papa Feral.


Skill Point #3: Gratitude – Store Room

Go to the building north of Gratitude, near the border to No Man’s Land. To get the skill point in the building you have to open an ICE-1 door, so you need at least 1 cyberdeck upgrade.

The Ascent Gratitude Skill Point


Skill Point #4: Grinder – South East of Grinder Station

You will find this skill point at the end of the second mission. When you’re at the grinder, look in the top right corner of the map.


Skill Point #5: Gratitude – The Café

During the third mission you will have to go to the Black Lake Towers. When passing through Gratitude, in a small cafe or shop.

Ascent Skill Point Location Map Gratitude

Skill Point #6: Nitroad – BioChoice Pharma Building

During the third mission you will have to go to the Black Lake Towers. Before passing the south wall in Nitroad.

Nitroad Skill Point Location

Skill Point #7: Cosmodrome – Behind East Desk

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