The Ascent XBox & PC Achievements Guide

In the Xbox One and PC game The Ascent you can unlock a total of 46 achievements, with a total of 1.000 Game Score. In this Achievement Guide we show you all the achievements and their tasks.

Below you will find all the achievements, as well as tips, solutions and all collectibles. You will definitely find everything related to the achievements here!

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Achievements List The Ascent

Estimated time for 100%:
Achievements: 46
Secret Achievements:
Missable Achievements:
Minimum Playthroughs


The Ascent Achievement Guide


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  • Win
    Completed all Main Missions

    You will automatically unlock this achievement when you have finished the game

  • Something out there
    Completed Project MenShen#2

  • For both our benefits
    Completed all side missions

  • Comprehensive
    You filled the Codex

  • Flatliner
    Unlocked all enemy Codex entries

  • Explorer
    You discovered all locations

    To solve this task you have to find all the hidden areas. An introduction to this will follow shortly.

  • Self improvement
    Allocated 3 Skill points

    Can’t find the skill points? Here we show you all the secret locations of the skill points.

  • Aficionado
    Fully upgraded a weapon

  • Extreme Overcharge
    Delivered 4000 amount of stasis damage to one target

  • Overkill
    Kill another enemy by overcharging an enemy while it’s in stasis

  • Black ICE
    Deployed black ICE against hacker enemy

    Black Ice is obtainable once you start geting hackers in the corpzone.

  • Helping hand
    Revived a DBNO friend

  • Next level AI
    Upgraded your IMP

  • Appreciation
    Kira praised you

  • Fullchrome
    You equipped augmentations giving you the fullchrome appearance

  • Getting things done
    Side mission finished

  • Omnihacker
    Hacked at least one of each hackable category

  • Getting out of the slums
    Collected 200’000 uCreds

  • Bounty Hunter
    Claimed a bounty

  • Fight smart
    Killed a robot with energy damage type

  • Opportunist
    Killed 10 enemies using exploding barrels

    You will certainly unlock this achievement automatically. If you want to do it: There are red barrels in the area, which explode when you shoot at them. Lure the enemy to the barrel and let it explode.

  • Tourist
    You rode the Interlink Express

  • What just happened?
    Completed Arcology Blues

    You will unlock this task automatically, just play the game.

  • Party crashed
    Completed Mutual Dependencies

  • A new friend
    Completed Trading Places

  • Power Hungry
    Completed Empowerment

  • Data Digging
    Completed Data Miner

  • Mnemonic Hunt
    Completed Foreign Code

  • Everyone’s a smuggler
    Completed Trace Protocol

  • Magenta Power
    Completed Syntax Error

  • Nothing personal
    Completed Recompile

  • Severed Board
    Completed Board Meeting

  • Protocol 61A
    Completed Project MenShen#1

  • Added extras
    You equipped two augmentations and a module

  • Free candy
    Got the goods by hacking and destroying vending machines

  • Hygiene
    Used the sink after flushing a toilet

  • Curious consumer
    You read 10 datapads

  • Fair trade
    You sold something!

  • Drop your weapon!
    You made an enemy drop an exploding grenade

    You will unlock this task automatically, just play the game.

  • Teamwork
    You started your first co-op session

  • Anonymous withdrawal
    Hacked an ATM

  • Snooze or lose
    You tried Snooze

    If you talk to fellow he will also ask if you want to snooze. You have to accept to unlock the achievement

  • We’re just getting started
    First enemy killed

  • Suicidal
    You died more than 100 times

  • Do Over
    Proficiencies were reset once

  • Sashimi
    You were killed by a katana

    You will automatically run into a couple of yakuza with katana when you are on the hunt for the Onyx Void agent. Just let yourself be killed and the achievement will be yours.

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