The Dark Pictures House of Ashes: Trophy Guide and Solutions

In the survival horror game The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes you can unlock a total of 31 trophies. In this Trophy Guide we show you all the trophies and their tasks.

Below you will find all the trophies, as well as tips and collectibles. You will definitely find everything related to the trophies here! First you will find a table with a short overview. Second you find a detailed list of all trophies, descriptions, Trophy Guides and much more!

More Guides and News about The Dark Pictures House of Ashes you will find on our overview page. Green marked trophies are linked with a separate and detailed guide!


Trophies List The Dark Pictures House of Ashes

Estimated time for platinum:
Total Trophies: 31 (1,5,9,16)
Offline trophies:
Online trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs


Useful guidance:


This guide is under construction – The guide will be updated when the game is live


The Dark Pictures House of Ashes Trophy Guide

  • Full House!
    Collect all Trophies

  • Golden Path
    Five characters survived the finale

  • Six Minutes of Night
    Everyone died in the finale

  • Ain’t Got Time to Bleed
    Escaped the vault without any lingering injuries

  • Scratching at the Past
    Found all of the Secrets

  • There Is Always Hope
    Completed the Solo Story

  • Let Me Have a Go!
    Three characters used the UV wand to attack the creatures

  • Slayer
    Salim killed five creatures using his spear

  • The Statement of Randolph Hodgson
    Found every part of Randolph’s journal

  • Final Girl
    Only one character survived the finale

  • Semper Fi
    Jason went back for Salim and they both made it to the elevator

  • Casualties of War
    Found all of the Black Framed Pictures

    Here we show you all the locations of the pictures with frames

  • Portents
    Found all of the White Framed Pictures

    Here we show you all the locations of the pictures with frames

  • Ghost Signal
    Eric ignored Nick’s radio signal

  • Old Dog
    Balathu made two kills with his spear

  • Double Tap
    Eric and Rachel both died in the same explosion

  • The Thing
    Eric helped Rachel purge her infection

  • So You’re My Technician
    Merwin fixed the radio

  • Illuminating Evidence
    Eric discovered the unexpected effects of the UV wand

  • Full Clearance
    Clarice killed Eric after becoming infected

  • Until Death Do Us Part
    Rachel became infected and killed Eric, or Eric killed her

  • Into the Sunset
    Salim returned home to his son

  • The Sword and the Shield
    Kurum and Balathu chose to fight together

  • Chekhov’s Gun
    Rachel used the machine gun

  • Heart to Heart
    Nick killed the ancient warrior with a stake

  • Climbing out of Hell
    Rachel survived after rejecting both her lovers

  • Oorah
    Eric and Nick shared a moment in the elevator

  • Start Thinking Like a Marine
    Chose only Head decisions

  • We Are Not Alone
    Finished the prologue in Movie Night

  • Lost in Time
    Rachel was not rescued from her cocoon

  • Vision of the Past
    Rachel witnessed the origin of the creatures.

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