The Division 2 Cassie Mendoza on May 24 – Location and Inventory

What does Cassie Mendosa have to offer today? Where can I find the secret dealer Cassie? In this post we show you where Cassie hides and what she offers for sale.


Cassie Mendoza on 5/24/2019 – The Division 2

In order to find the exact location of Cassie, you must first find the snitch. The spy is not shown on the map, you have to be in the immediate vicinity, then you see a hint in the screen with three question marks (???).

As soon as you find him, he will tell you the location of Cassie and she will be marked on the map (cart icon).

Remember, Cassie’s Inventory is based on your Gear Score!

With us was the snitch at the Safehouse “Call of Freedom” in the southeast of the map.

We found Cassie in the West End area, but remember she keeps changing her location!

  • Trapezius Go-bag backpack, Wyvern Wear, gs487, +6% chc, +14037 armor, +4% weapon damage, Hard Hitting, On the Ropes, 1 utility protocol slot
  • Yugake Firearms Gloves, Murakami Ind., gs489, +10259 Health, +5% pistol damage, Critical
  • FAL assault rifle, gs488, Near Sighted, Jazz Hands, In Rhythm
  • The Railsplitter – CTAR-21 assault rifle, gs482, Measured, Extra, Wascally, Solid – Walnut skin
  • Lightning Rod – Custom PF45 sidearm, gs489, Salvage, Stable, Transmission, Retro skin


Written by: Carizma

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