The Division 2: Kendras Liberty – This is how you unlock this exotic weapon

Kendras Liberty

You want to unlock one of the best and coolest weapons in The Division 2? We’ll explain how you can unlock the exotic handgun Kendra’s “Liberty“.


All steps to the exotic Liberty pistol

To craft this weapon, you have to do some things, we’ll explain all the necessary steps.

In order to unlock the exotic Liberty you have to go through the campaign, in the end you have to defeat Kendra Nelson. If you have Kendra eliminated, you will get her the exotic material “Pistol: Trigger and Mechanism“.

Now you have to complete three missions on “Hard“, the bosses from these missions will provide you with the remaining exotic parts and the Kendra Liberty Blueprint. The following missions you have to play on the difficulty level “Hard”:

  • American History Museum
  • Viewpoint Museum
  • Space Administration HQ


But that’s not all, you now need simple materials and a D50 high-end pistol. You need the following material: 19 polycarbonate, 15 carbon fibers and 45 components.

The search for the D50-HighEnd pistol can be a bit protracted, there is no fixed location, it seems to be a random drop.

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Written by: Carizma

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