The Division 2: Outcast Work Camp Side Mission Guide

In “The Division 2” there are some optional orders, also called side missions. In this guide, we show you the side mission: Outcast Work Camp.

This is a level 19 mission
This mission is available after you have saved President Ellis, Bank Headquarters Mission. Speak to Scott Williamson at the campus site.

An overview of all additional missions can be found here.


Free Samm Wellford and all prisoners

This mission is quite short. Go to the marker on the map, in front of the building you have to eliminate a few opponents, not exciting. Have you secured the entrance you see the mark on the door, but you can also simplify it a bit. Do not go through the door, the scaffolding runs up and climbs through the window.

If you go upstairs the fight in the prison yard becomes a bit easier.

Turn off all enemies and free the prisoners from the containers, Sam Wellford is not among the prisoners! So that means you have to keep looking for him. Follow the marker through the next building and you will reach the next courtyard. Here follows the same game as in the first prison yard, with one exception. You have to do the armored supervisor.

Defeat the warden

Just stay at the doorstep, take cover and place your turret. If you want to play it safe, get your drone out and let it fly.

If the warden is done, you have to free Sam Wellford and then protect again, then this mission is over!

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