The Division 2: The Chatterbox – That’s how you get the exotic SMG

In “The Division 2” there are many good weapons to find, but not all good weapons are easy to find. In this guide we want to explain to you how to get the blueprint for exotic SMG “The Chatterbox“.

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The Chatterbox – we’ll show you where to find the exotic SMG

If you take the trouble to do all the steps and finish the exotic SMG at the end of the day, you will also receive the Success / Trophy Exotic Taste.

To get the blueprint of this weapon, you have to take several steps or collect several weapon parts.

  • Step 1: Get Hyenas Keys from Key Cabinets in the Underground (Random Loot)
  • Step 2: Loot in Downtown East – Hyena’s Crates to get “SMG: Loaded Canister” (random loot)
  • Step 3: Loot in Judiciary Square – Hyena’s crates to get “SMG: Modified Mods”
  • Step 4: Federal Triangle Loot – Hygienic Chests for “SMG: Creative Magazine” (Random Loot)
  • Step 5: After you have found all 3 SMG pieces, play again the “Bank Headquarters Mission” to get the exotic blueprint.
  • Step 6: Craft the weapon at the Crafting Station (requires some open-world materials)


The Chatterbox Video Guide – Step by Step

Written by: Carizma

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