The Division 2: Unlock Hidden Safe Room in Dark Zone

In “The Division 2” there are some hidden safe rooms on the map, if you have freed them, these places will serve as Safe Harbor for you. Also in the Dark Zones there are these hidden safe rooms or Safehouse called.

In a Dark Zone this only works a bit differently with unlocking, we’ll explain how it works. If you have taken a Safehouse in a Dark Zone, the following trophy will also be unlocked:

Dark Zone: Safe House
Access a hidden safe room in a dark zone.

More solutions and tips on the game can be found on our overview page for The Division 2.

Unlock Dark Zone hidden safe room

This does not work in the daily occupied Dark Zone (red Dagger icon is occupied).

Goes to a dark zone that is not occupied that day. There are hackable SHD network terminals around the map, on the walls of buildings and streets. Most often, they are found in small alleyways. Hold Triangle to hack one of them. Then you will be placed in the status of rogue and other SHD terminals marked with a gray skull symbol. Just run around the map and activate 10 terminals, each terminal will give you 10% of the required 100%. If you have activated all 10 terminals, the entrances to the hidden safe houses are marked on the map. Go to a Safehouse to get the trophy.

Written by: Carizma

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