The Last of Us Part 1: All special gear and explosive locations

The last of us Part 1 Gear

The Last of Us Part 1, players can find special weapons, bombs, and items that can be made from basic materials using the menu. Here’s a guide where you can find all of those early prototypes or, at the very least, the first gear that was available.

After finding a complete version of an item for the first time, it can be made from its parts. Joel won’t know how to make a molotov until he finds one in the world and can see how it’s put together. But once he finds it, he can make more, as long as he has the supplies.

Health Kit

After the first attack on the checkpoint, Tess will give you this. This is the standard health-recovery device. If you eat enough supplements in The Last of Us, you can use it more quickly. You can also use the Training Manuals to increase how much health they restore each time they are used.


As you go after Robert, you’ll have to fight your way through a number of buildings. Not long after the tutorial on throwing bricks and bottles, you’ll enter a warehouse. Go upstairs to the office to find a shiv on a desk. These help you kill enemies quickly and quietly, or protect yourself from clickers.


After getting the revolver and falling through the leaning building, you’ll end up in a broken-down subway station. The Molotov is on a body in front of you, along with some materials for making things. Molotov cocktails are explosives that set enemies on fire and cause damage that lasts.

Upgraded Melee Weapon

When you get close to Bill’s Town and use the plank to cross the fence, the small building you use to support the plank now has an upgraded pipe. There’s also a safe up ahead. Check out our page on safe codes for The Last of Us Part 1 to learn how to open it. Upgraded melee weapons can kill opponents instantly, but the upgrades don’t last long.

Nail Bomb

Bill will make you a Nail Bomb and give you the Pump Shotgun after you run away with him into the Church. When he says it, go to his desk, where there will be one. The explosives in nail bombs are stronger than those in molotov cocktails, but they don’t do damage that lasts. They can also be set up so that enemies can set them off like mines.

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Written by: Rai O.

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