The Last of Us Part 1: Bill’s Town Walkthrough

The last of us Part 1 Bill's Town

The Last of Us Part 1: Bill’s Town is the fourth chapter that will take you through each battle, puzzle solving, and collectibles. Below is a walkthrough that will guide you through Bill’s Town. 

The Last of Us Part 1: The Woods

Joel and Ellie arrive in Bill’s Town in a short cutscene. You’ll recover control once the two jump a railing and drop into the woods. Down the slope is a huge area with a stream.

East of the region are bandages and alcohol. Follow the path north to a chainlink fence separating you from a water tower. A tree trunk lies left of the fence. You’ll reach an abandoned building after vaulting.

Plank behind abandoned building. These boards are in good hands. Plank against the abandoned building behind you. Climb the building’s roof using the container in front.

Your first Modified Weapon is above the structure. These melee weapons feature a powerful upgrade that kills an enemy in a single hit, but it can only be used once. Use it to raise the plank. Face Joel away from the barrier and place the plank. You’ll enter Bill’s Town after crossing.

Follow the left trail down a muddy hill to a fence break. Upon landing, you’ll hear a clicker. He’s hidden in the shed at the bottom of the steps at the area’s center. Distract him with a block, shiv, or our new Modified Weapon to kill him.

After killing the first clicker, a second will likely appear soon after. Use brick melee, shiv stealth, or Modified Weapon.

Artifact 18: Pills Note

Let’s go through the door opposite the shed where the first clicker was hiding. Climb the right stairs to discover an office with pistol ammo, scrap, and other items. Pills Note is on the right when you enter the office. Read it, then leave.

Once outside, descend the left building wall. Left of the floor is a Shiv Door. Inside are supplements, rifle ammo, beer, and more.

After looting or leaving the room, head to the high street gate. Joel must lift Ellie over the locked barrier. After she’s done, she’ll let Joel through, allowing us to proceed.

The Last of Us Part 1: The High Street

There’s a lot to find on Bill’s Town’s main street, including some much-needed resources that will help us face the challenges ahead. The garden west of Joel when he enters through the gate is a nice place to start.

Ellie is surprisingly devoted about Garden Gnomes, which Joel nourishes the only way he knows how: moaning. The modest scenic store has several valuable crafting supplies, as well as some vitamins Joel can add to his stash. When you’re finished, look for a pizzeria opposite the gate we used to enter.

Optional Conversation 09: Ellie Talks The Turning

Ellie and Joel will find some important supplies inside the restaurant, as well as an outdated arcade game for “The Turning.”

Ellie will naturally approach the machine and begin inspecting it. Above her head, an Optional Conversation prompt will appear. Hit TRIANGLE, then leave the pizzeria through the back door after listening to her explain about the arcade machine.

Stop at the benches at the bottom of the scrap steps on your way out the rear of the restaurant. Return to the highstreet once you’ve gotten everything available.

Artifact 19: Note to Bob

On the high street, head north as far as you can. You’ll reach a deck-chair-topped barricade. Note to Bob is on the fence below the chair. Bill’s memo asks Bob to load a safe onto a truck. 5-17-21 is the safe’s code.

Firefly Pendant 08: Wang

Look for an RV on your left as you return up the street. The next Firefly Pendant may be found on top of this RV.

Climb to the top and collect the pendant that belonged to Hui Wang. Add it to your inventory to obtain the chapter’s first Firefly Pendant.

The Last of Us Part 1: Bill’s Town Safe

Proceed along the street, past the RV, until you see a mandatory evacuation sign just across from the pizzeria’s entrance.

The safe is just next to it. Enter the code and open it to obtain a cargo of scrap, supplements, and rifle ammunition.

Return to the bottom of the street and enter the record shop to the left of the barrier, with the safe open. You’ll discover revolver ammunition and other supplies within.

The Last of Us Part 1: Artifact 20: Perimeter Note

After you’ve surveyed the first room of the record store, proceed to the back. More resources, as well as the Perimeter Note, can be found here.

Search for a printer on a desk close to the computer. The note is directly in front of it. Keep it in your pocket to add to your collection. Before you depart, retrieve the scrap pile discovered in the locker room through the door adjacent to the sofa.

Once you’re done, exit the record store and enter the alleyway to the left of its entrance. It’s difficult to see, but there’s a tripwire across the way ahead. Fortunately, we have a brave volunteer eager to demonstrate why tripwires are a safety issue.

A clicker will round the corner and stroll into the tripwire, blowing itself to smithereens as you approach. It’s worth mentioning that tripwires are not our buddy from now on. Continue down the trail and around the corner.

Up the steps to our right is another shiv door, so feel free to ransack it if you have one. Scrap, supplements, pistol ammo, whiskey, and other valuable stuff are available, so it’s worth the shiv if you’re seeking to stock up on some essentials. Whether you robbed the chamber or not, let’s continue on our journey.

We’ll find a passage back to the main street to our right at the end of the alley, but it only goes to Bill’s barricade. Instead, proceed forward and take two arrows from a nearby dead body. If you’re wondering what these are for, it’s time to get your hands on the weapon that employs them. Find a ladder on the floor ahead, pick it up, and place it against the back of a truck on your left.

Artifact 20: Perimeter Note – continued

Ascend the ladder. A bow, some beer bottles, and another arrow can be found on the truck’s roof. Pick it up and place it in Joel’s arsenal. After that, sprint across the nearby plank to the little outcrop with a ladder. Pick up the plank and lean it on the wall next to the ladder once you’ve made it across. Climb the ladder to gain access to the rooftop above.

You should make your way across the rooftops between us and the church ahead. The initial rooftop will necessitate the usage of the previously mentioned plank. Take it and turn Joel so he’s facing the next rooftop. Place the board on the ground and cross it.

A clicker will be heard on the opposite side. It’s located between Joel and the adjacent rooftop. Draw your bow, aim for the head, and fire to silence the clicker. Jump down to the clicker’s body and regain your arrow if it’s still there. Then, using the ventilation system below, rise to the next rooftop.

Proceed down the path until you reach a ladder. You’ll arrive at an alleyway after descending the ladder. You’ll hear thumping from your left if you duck under Bill’s trap here. Look into the noise. It’s coming from an adjacent apartment door. When you approach close, the banging will stop as the offender goes upstairs. Open the door and take the steps to the top.

When you enter the apartment’s living room, you will be assaulted by the source of the noise: a runner. After dispatching it with melee attacks, inspect the apartment.

Artifact 21: Rachel’s Note

There are numerous items in the flat, such as supplements, bandages, and alcohol. The most crucial discovery here, though, is our next artifact: Rachel’s Note.

It’s on the table opposite the TV in the living room. A large spray painted sign stating “Rachel” can be seen above it, making it difficult to overlook. Take the note and leave the residence.

When you return outdoors, search for a fence beside the neighboring truck. Do not enter the gate directly. It features two tripwires running through the center. Pick up one of the adjacent bottles and aim it towards the wires to go through the fence. To detonate them, throw the bottle.

Pass through the gate, pick up the revolver ammo on the left, and then take the alleyway to get past the home ahead. There’s another tripwire here that we can’t avoid. It’s near the floor. Throw another diversion missile at the wire, then walk past. Turn around and enter the doorway on your right. Loot the desk ahead of you for revolver ammunition before entering the door next to it.

The Last of Us Part 1: Warehouse Fight

When you enter the next room, a cutscene will start, with Joel inadvertently walking into one of Bill’s traps and being hauled up to the ceiling by his foot. Ellie is left dangling and must cut the counterweight to free him.

She will, however, require time, which the many mushroom-brained people dwelling in Bill’s Town will not provide. From Joel’s vantage point, we’ll have to shoot down waves of infected to keep them from grabbing us or Ellie.

This is a really straightforward situation. Shoot the fence-jumping runners and clickers, aim for the head, and try not to die. The action begins with us in the line of fire, with the infected charging towards Joel. If they get too near, press SQUARE to push them away, allowing you to land a headshot.

The second phase of the combat is a little more difficult, since the infected will go towards Ellie. She’ll rush around the room to lose them, making landing clear shots much more difficult. Just try to keep your aim steady and don’t worry too much about headshots. This set piece has endless ammo, and two bullets in the chest will kill a runner.

Ellie will cut down Joel down once this stage is finished. Bill will enter the action after a brief battle with a runner, saving Joel and guiding you to his safehouse. This is a mostly linear portion, with the exception of a clicker and two runners in the center of the chase. When it’s finished, Joel and Ellie will arrive at Bill’s house, where a cutscene will begin.

The Last of Us Part 1: Safehouse

After the cutscene, you’ll find an abundant of resources. Bill has scrap, tape, bandages, blades, supplements, and bullets in here.

If it meant more shivs, I wouldn’t dispute his fascination with accumulating crap. Grab all you need and let’s find some collectibles.

Artifact 22: Bill’s Map

Prior to this, Bill used a map to discuss specific spots in town with Joel and Ellie. We can get this map as soon as the action ends.

When you resume control, turn around and you’ll find Bill’s Map on a workbench close to the bar. Add it to your collection.

Artifact 23: Fences Note

Another item can be found in the chamber near Bill’s safehouse’s entrance. Enter the little seating area adjacent to the dart board and picture frames. The Fences Note sits on the table in this room. Add it to the collection before returning to Bill.

Optional Conversation 10: Joel and Ellie Talk Chess

The second optional conversation of this section sees Joel and Ellie talk about chess. To prompt the conversation, look for the chess board on one of the booths opposite the bar.

As you approach it, the optional conversation chime will play. Hit TRIANGLE and you’ll talk with Ellie about chess before being rudely interrupted by Bill. It’s worth noting that this Optional Conversation prompt is replaced by a Point of Interest prompt in The Last of Us: Part I Remake. Make sure you tick it off the list regardless.

Training Manual 1: Shiv Sharpening

A small book can be found while scavenging resources from the bar. This appears to be a relic at first glance, but it is actually our first Training Manual.

It improves our abilities and provide in-game advantages. This first handbook is for Shiv Sharpening, which means it will make your shivs last longer. Make sure to get it before you go. Meet with Bill when you’re ready. He’ll unlock the entrance to the next area, giving you and Ellie access to the steps ahead.

Artifact 24: Hunters Note

When you reach the top of the steps, turn right and descend the landing. Eventually, you’ll come to a little kitchen area with a vending machine.

Leave the kitchen and follow Bill through a neighboring window, across the roof, and into a small office. Take the crumbs from the desk and keep following Bill. He’ll finally take you to a street. Infected will strike after a brief talk. You must repel two clickers and a runner.

Firefly Pendant 09: Vincent

Our next Firefly Pendant may also be found here. In the midst of the combat arena, look for a street lamp close to the right of the ambulance.

The pendant can be found hanging from the lamppost. You can either fire it down or use the nearby block to knock it to the ground.

Follow Bill through the gate on the west side of the street once you’ve obtained the Firefly Pendant. He’ll shut it behind you, so make sure you’re ready. Loot the shed ahead of you before ascending the stairs to the right. Follow the path until you reach a cellar outside a church. Interacting with the doors will trigger a lengthy cutscene.

The Last of Us Part 1: Graveyard

Joel will now have a shotgun after it’s all said and done. Bill will also invite us over and show us his most recent creation: Nail Bombs. These missiles can be tossed at adversaries and detonate, releasing shrapnel.

Grab one from the table and you’ll quickly discover the crafting method, implying that we can build things on the go. There’s also a workbench down here, but before we go there, let’s talk about a collectible found in the basement that will allow us to unlock further weapons improvements.

Find a little protrusion with shelves opposite Bill’s workbench in the church basement. Back left of this outcrop lies some scrap and a toolbox with Level 1 Tools. Joel can enhance his tools using them in a workbench. This basement has a workbench after you acquire the tools. Left-turn back to where Bill made the nailbombs. Corner shelf with supplies and work bench. Upgrade your guns, then ascend.

Artifact 25: Bomb Note

You’ll enter the church on the second floor. Proceed to the center and enter Bill’s room through the door on the right.

Inside are supplements, booze, and the Bomb Note. Take the message, read it, and then place it in your backpack.

When you’re ready, reunite with Bill and follow him through the window. You’ll enter the graveyard behind the church, with Bill pointing out the school you’re going to in the distance.

Follow Bill once you regain control. He’ll walk you to some steps and inform you that this is new terrain for him from now on. We’re taking the lead from here. Head down the stairs and to the left.

Six clickers are patrolling the graveyard ahead. Here, we have a choice. We can either take them out or avoid them completely. The latter is arguably the better option, as we’ll need some ammo and these mushroom-brained terrors aren’t too difficult to avoid.

If you do get caught, the nail bomb is a good way to get out of a jam. You can also use molotovs or simply wield a melee weapon. Put some distance between yourself and the clicker and take it out quickly.

Assuming you’re employing the stealth method, take cover behind the gravestones and inch your way through the first area, using distractions to send clickers away when they get too close. You’ll eventually reach steps down to your right. Descend them and then use the same strategy to escape unhurt, keeping to the walls, hiding behind gravestones, and utilizing distractions.

Artifact 25: Bomb Note – continued

You’ll eventually arrive at a last circular seating area with the final two clickers. We want to go to the gate northwest of the steps, so utilize a distraction to move the clickers out of the path and proceed to the gate. You’re now completely reliant on Bill’s AI, as he has to open the gate for you. Sometimes he does it instinctively, and other times he’s a vexing liability. Approach the gate and hope he’s in a good mood.

You’ll still be in hot trouble once you leave the cemetery. Two runners can be seen to your right. Bill will finish the one on the right when you finish the one on the left. When they’re all dead, take the path to the left and finish the third runner you come across.

Although there is a clicker and a runner in the garden, we now want to infiltrate the home on the right side of the route. Sneak up the garden without the runner seeing and softly take him out. He wanders erratically, but remember that you have the bow, so you don’t have to creep up behind him to murder him silently. Once he’s down, go inside and find the runner hiding inside.

Artifact 26: Boy’s Diary

When upstairs, enter the room on the right. You’ll end up in a child’s bedroom. A Boy’s Diary can be found at the window. Read on for a rather full account of the outbreak’s beginnings, including the fate of the boy’s family. That’s another item added to the collection.

Optional Conversation 11: Ellie Brings Up Tess

Ellie will approach Joel after you leave the room where you found the Boy’s Diary and ask if he’s available to talk about something. This starts the Optional Conversation.

When you press TRIANGLE, Ellie will break one of Joel’s cardinal rules: she will bring up Tess. The two will discuss it briefly before concluding their conversation.

When you’re ready, go down to the garage and assist Bill with the door. He’ll get it open only to discover that the space between the house and the school is crawling with runners. You can go covert here if you want, but the odds aren’t in your favor, and we have a lot of weaponry. With your shotgun, take out the infected and loop around the school bus graveyard until you reach the bus that’s driven through the mesh fence. As you enter this region, a swarm of infected will join you. Kill them all with Bill’s assistance. They’ll be in close quarters, so don’t be hesitant to use melee to your advantage. When they’re all dead, you’ll be able to lift Ellie to the top of the bus.

Ellie will finally lower a ladder, allowing Bill and Joel to ascend. Drop down on the other side of the barrier after following Ellie. Runners will soon converge on your location, aiming to breach the fence. Don’t worry about battling them; Bill will find a way into the school through a window. Follow him inside to trigger a cutscene.

The Last of Us Part 1: Highschool Escape

We’ll be in a school corridor when we regain control. Continue following Bill until you reach an area with two clickers and two runners. We can blast them away if we wish, but it’s better to use the bow to dispatch them quietly and quickly. The bow will also save our gun ammo, which is vital because we are about to face a major encounter.

Finish off the runner at the bottom of the stairs to our left after taking down the clicker in the corridor we started the segment in. Remove the second runner from the locker room. Then, to your right, another clicker will emerge from the classroom. Aim for the head and complete the kill with an arrow.

Highschool Escape – continued

Step into the classroom. A third clicker and two more runners will enter the classroom from the opposite side. We’re in a little space here, so hide behind the teacher’s desk until the two runners glance away. Aim the bow at the target and fire the clicker in the head. Then, shoot two more arrows into each runner. We’ll find a Modified Weapon sitting against a desk here, as well as some shotgun ammo, so grab them and then depart the entrance through which the infected entered.

When you enter the corridor ahead, three runners will approach you. Return to the classroom and wait for them to approach before dispatching them with arrows and melee shots. They shouldn’t be too difficult to overcome. Once they’re gone, proceed down the corridor.

Now, make sure you’re equipped before we enter the door at the end of this corridor. We’re ready to face our most formidable foe yet. Make explosives and molotov cocktails, reload your firearms, and stock up on medkits. When you’re ready, assist Bill in barging through the door.

The Last of Us Part 1: Bloater Boss Fight

As the party reaches the school’s gymnasium, they run into a bloater. This unique infected type is essentially a larger, chunkier clicker with new attacks and a more tenacious demeanor. It can not only one-shot you up close, but it can also charge towards you and launch poisonous darts that will deal a lot of damage if they contact.

The easiest way to fight him is to utilize bombs and powerful long weapons like a shotgun or rifle. Keep a safe distance from him at all times and flee if he starts pulling at his own skin. This animation represents the start of his projectile throw, which will leave a toxic cloud in its wake.

Not only do we have to deal with the bloater, but we also have some runners who will join the fray. You can mostly leave these to Bill, but if one comes close, don’t skimp on the ammunition. We don’t want to be caught off guard by the bloater.

Bloater Boss Fight – continued

There’s lots of ammo and healing supplies lying around the chamber, including arrows, revolver bullets, shotgun shells, and a medkit. If you don’t use them during the fight, make sure to take them with you when you depart.

We’ll want to lift Bill up to the window on the left side of the room after the bloater has fallen. Three runners will enter the gym through a hole in the wall once he is up. Take them out, then return to Bill and have them lifted up to the window. Follow Bill out the window and land outside the school.

You will end yourself in an alley. Take out the runner who approaches you by going through the opening in the fence to your left. Take a right from here. Bill and Ellie will begin climbing the adjoining fence’s ladder. While you’re waiting for the infected to climb the ladder, take down the infected who comes after you. When you reach the top of the ladder, a cutscene will play.

When you regain control, you’ll be in a garage with a fully functional vehicle. But first, let’s go through the house and look for anything suspicious. Go to the master bedroom. It’s right adjacent to the entrance where Joel and Bill discovered the body.

Artifact 27: Note From Frank

Gather the goods strewn about the room, which include tape, revolver ammo, scrap, and some bombs. When you’ve finished, glance at the message on the desk by the window.

This is a message from Frank. Take a look. You’ll discover that Frank had a less-than-flattering opinion of Bill.

Bill Reads Frank’s Note in Optional Conversation 12

Return to Frank in the garage after you’ve picked up the note. An Optional Conversation prompt will appear over his head, and he will return to the position he is in in the image below, with a note to cue the conversation. Interact with Bill in order to give him Frank’s memo. He’ll read it, crumple it up, and toss it. Please do not leave the room just yet.

Artifact 28: Note From Frank (Crumpled)

Joel can pick up and pocket the note when Bill crumples it and throws it to one side.

Despite having gotten the original Note From Frank to 100%, you must pick up the Note From Frank (Crumpled). So, do the unthinkable and pick up the note from the floor.

Optional Conversation 13: Ellie Behind The Wheel

Walk up to the pick-up truck’s window after interacting with Frank, and an Optional Conversation prompt will display above Ellie’s head. Interact with her, and Joel will compliment Ellie on her work. They’ll then discuss driving the truck briefly.

After you’ve completed all of the optional conversations and artifacts, stand behind the truck and press TRIANGLE to begin the chapter’s final segment. Outside, Joel and Bill will start moving the pick-up truck down the slope. Push the automobile forward until runners emerge from the bushes and assault you. Let go of the truck and shoot them down, keeping an eye out for the clicker who is close behind.

Return to the vehicle and drive on until the identical scenario occurs, but this time with runners and a clicker emerging from the bushes to your right. Rinse and repeat, then return to the vehicle and push again.

From the bushes to your left, a final swarm of infected will emerge. Return to the truck after finishing them off. The truck will finally slide down the slope as you push, allowing Ellie to start it. Infected will ambush you from all sides here, but the purpose isn’t to battle them. When you reach the back of the truck, run down the slope and hit TRIANGLE.

Joel and Bill will enter, triggering a final sequence as they flee the area. Bill’s Town is officially over now that Joel and Ellie have returned to the road. It’s time for the couple to travel to Pittsburgh.

Were you able to complete the collectibles on this chapter? Let us know in the comments below!

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