The Last of Us Part 1: Hometown Walkthrough

The last of us part 1 prologue

The Last of Us Prologue Part 1 begins as a normal evening but quickly becomes sinister. This walkthrough introduces the game’s premise. This chapter has no collectibles, although there are a few interactive elements we’ll list below.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

The Last of Us Part 1: Village Hometown – Chapter 1 – Prologue

The last of us part 1 phone call

The Last of Us begins with a cutscene introducing Sarah and Joel. After the scene, Sarah gets a late-night phone call.

Sarah will get up after the chat and we’ll take over. We must find Joel. His bedroom is down the hall from Sarah’s, but there are a few things to do before.

The last of us part 1 card

Sarah’s dresser has a dinosaur birthday card. Triangle unlocks the card.

The last of us part 1 newspaper

When ready, enter and follow the signs. Instead of turning right, go through the doorway ahead. In the bathroom. Read the newspaper by the sink for a preview.

Leave the bathroom and go to the right staircase door. Sarah’s room is empty. You’ll hear an explosion while watching TV. We’re leaving. Down the stairs.


When you reach the ground floor, the kitchen phone rings. Joel’s phone is in the drawers opposite the oven. Interact with it, then enter the left double doors.

As you enter, Joel will dash in and search a desk for a handgun. You’ll then trigger a cutscene that ends with Joel escorting Sarah to his brother Tommy’s automobile.



Next is Tommy’s automobile. You can move freely as Tommy drives; look around. You’ll find a lot of scary stuff here.


Tommy, Joel, and Sarah arrive in city at scene’s end. After a violent chain of events, Tommy’s car will tip over.


You’ll control Joel after the cutscene. When prompted, press SQUARE to break the windscreen. You’ll hand Tommy your rifle and pick up Sarah after a quick exchange. Follow the crowd. There’s a lot happening, but no real risk, so look around.

hometown 2

When you approach the end of the street, an explosion in front of the theater causes Tommy to send you towards an alleyway. It’s on the left, next to Anne’s Flower Shop.


Follow him up the trail. Infected pedestrians attack you. Tommy finishes him off when SQUARE knocks the infected aside. Keep going. Infected will eventually jump the walls and attack. Follow Tommy.


He’ll lead you to a bar’s backdoor. A cutscene plays inside. After you regain control, leave the bar and enter the wall’s crack. A spotlight and caution tape mark it. Keep going. Don’t worry about avoiding Infected; this is intentional for the next story.


You’ll pass an ambulance and climb a hill before a soldier shoots your pursuers. Watch the following scene, then move on to the 2nd chapter, The Quarantine Zone.

How’s that for the first part of the game? Did the excitement you on your toes? Tell us in the comments below!

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