The Last of Us Part 1: Pittsburgh Walkthrough

The Last of Us Part 1 Pittsburgh

The Last of Us Part 1: Pittsburgh is the fifth chapter that will take you from one side of the city to the other. We’ll be giving you all the tips and methods you’ll need to ward off attackers while also uncovering plenty of treasures.

We’ll come across seventeen Artifacts, three Firefly Pendants, four Training Manuals, four Comics, and eleven Optional Conversations in this chapter.

The Last of Us Part 1: Alone and Forsaken

Our two main characters will have a rough start to the chapter when their car is pushed off the road and a group of thieves attacks them. You might not know it, but about halfway through this cutscene, we’ll take control again.

To get away when the robber grabs Joel, pulls him out of the car, and starts pushing his head against a sharp piece of glass, you’ll have to press SQUARE multiple times. If you do it right, you’ll kill your attacker and get back in control just as a bandit attacks Ellie.

Run up to the thief and attack him with your hands. It will start a new scene, and just as Joel grabs his and Ellie’s backpacks, a second group of thieves will attack. Now that we have full control again, our goal is to finish off the group of thieves.

This fight can be awkward because there are many ways for enemies to get into the shop and get behind Ellie and Joel. Most of the time, you can hide from enemies behind the counter on the right side of the store. Use it if you need to heal or figure out where you are.

Here, too, the listening mode is your best friend. You can use it to keep track of the thieves and kill them one by one. Some will try to cut you off by using the alley on the side of the building, while others will hide behind the shelves and then rush you with melee weapons. If you divide and conquer, you’ll finish the job quickly.

Once it’s done, look for resources in the area. You can find a lot of good stuff all over the store.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 29: Siphon Hose

Now that you have a second, check your bag. You’ll see that two new collectibles have been added to your inventory.

The Siphon Hose is the first. If you remember, Bill gave this to Joel on their last day together in Bill’s Town.

Comic 1: Force Carrier

Ellie’s comic book from the ride to Pittsburgh mysteriously emerged in our collection as well.

With its introduction, the Force Carrier marked the beginning of a new category in our comic book accumulator’s wish list. As time goes on, we need to be on the lookout for more of these.

After looking at the two new items, you should go to the garage on the other side of the street and park there. Under the shutter on the left is where we need to go, but not before we rob the office on the right. Blades, rifle ammunition, and a respectable quantity of scrap can be found among the contents of the drawers and locker.

After you’ve stuffed your pockets, it’s time to visit the shutter. We’ll cut to a quick scene now. Once you regain consciousness, you’ll be in a garage that seems like it been converted into a morgue. There are dead bodies all over the tables, suggesting that Ellie and Joel might have joined them if they had believed the robber’s injury story.

14th Conversation Topic: The Hunted

Shortly after we retake command, an Optional Talk prompt will appear over Ellie’s head as a result of her conversation with Joel.

She’ll tell Joel about the dead people in the tables, and he’ll warn her that it could have been them if they weren’t so careful.

Conversation 14: The Prey of the Hunters

A chat between Joel and Ellie will cause an Optional Conversation prompt to appear above Ellie’s head shortly after we regain control.

She will tell Joel about the bodies on the tables, and he will remind her that had they not been so cautious, it could have been them.

Tools Level 2

While we’re in the garage, there are a few important items to acquire, one of which being the next level of Tools. They can be found in the toolbox next to the shutter.

When you open it, you’ll find a rasp. This means that we can level up our weapons at a workbench.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 30: Tourists Manifest

A note on an overturned cage can be found behind the right-hand table. This is the Tourists Manifest, and it is the next artifact we will look at.

Pick it up, examine it, and add it to our collection. It appears that the Hunters were keeping track of all the treasure they obtained after bringing down their target.

It’s time to loot the area now that you’ve obtained the Optional Conversation, Artifact, and new set of Tools. You can obtain revolver ammunition and other supplies in the lockers to your right. Meanwhile, the shelves on the left house a variety of resources as well as our first Smoke Bomb. Grab a smoke bomb and we’ll discover the crafting formula for them.

Now, go through the door on the left and up the stairs. A door leading to a hallway may be found at the top. A sleeping area can be found through the door on your right. Enter and pillage the environment around you. There’s shotgun and revolver ammunition, as well as lots of other supplies, in the lockers.

Training Manual 2: Health Splinting

Once you’re done taking resources, come back here to get our second Training Manual. Look for the Health: Splinting manual on the mattress in the center of the sleeping area.

Having it makes medkits 33% more efficient, which means you get extra health every time you use one.

After leaving the bedroom, turn right and enter the door at the end of the hallway. We don’t want to go through the metal door outside that leads to the roof just yet. You’ll find extra resources and a work bench when you enter the chamber at the end of the hallway. Upgrade your weapons as you see fit, making use of the additional Tools we discovered previously to produce some more powerful enhancements.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 31: Ambush Map

When you’re through with the workbench, take a peek at the wall adjacent to the door you came in via. A map is affixed to the wall.

To obtain it, interact with the map. It turns out to be an Ambush Map, indicating how the hunters intend to hunt down and pillage survivors. That nasty boy has been added to our collection.

After grabbing the map, use the metall door to your right to exit the workbench room and onto the roof. Outside, you’ll notice a fire and burning bodies, as well as a pair of steps to your left. Take the stairs when Ellie mentions the fire.

Joel will point out the bridge out of Pittsburgh and inform Ellie that’s where they’re going. After the brief talk, jump the railing and descend to the road below. After landing, grasp the supplements ahead and turn right, pushing up the road.

Comic 2: Termination Shock

As you continue up the road, you should see an abandoned bus on your right. Enter the bus and proceed to the back.

The Termination Shock comic, which appears to be a sequel to the graphic novel Ellie mentioned in the car, is on the floor. It will be included in the collection.

Optional Discussion 15: The Military’s Work

After obtaining the Termination Shock comic, circle the bus in search of Ellie. She’ll be in front of a car with a body hanging out the door.

An Optional Conversation prompt will popup above her head as you approach. She’ll ask Joel what happened to the man, and he’ll speculate that it was most likely the military.

Optional Conversation 15: The Military’s Handiwork

When the discussion is finished, proceed to the Pittsburgh Military Zone door on the left. You’ll hear a gunshot as you come closer. Three hunters will appear if you hide behind a nearby car. You can kill them if you want, but it’s a waste of ammo because they’ll ultimately walk away. Hide behind one of the cars on the left and wait for them to stroll down the road we just came up.

Ellie’s Jokes 01

This can be difficult to activate, but we must do so before crossing the bus to the next section. When the three Hunters have left, stand to the left of the bus for about a minute. Ellie will eventually pull out a joke book.

When the Optional Conversation prompt appears over her head, hit it to cue a lenghty round of awful jokes from Ellie. As previously stated, this can take some time to activate, but it is critical to getting 100%, so wait till she decides to lighten the atmosphere.

Climb over the bus and descend to the other side after she’s finished. You’ll be standing outside a military checkpoint. You’ll find a table to the right with some scrap to plunder. Don’t pass past the checkpoint after you’ve taken it. We have some items to complete.

Optional Conversation 16: Rations

Wait for Ellie to approach the graffiti on the wall adjacent to the scrap table. Following the reading, an Optional Conversation prompt will appear.

Interact with it to speak with Ellie about the military’s rationing policy. It will provide you with additional insight into the military’s less-than-ideal handling of survivors following the outbreak.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 32: Lost Hill Note

Search the checkpoint booth by jumping the wall near the rations graffiti. The Lost Hill Note is included in a notepad. Read it, then put it in your backpack.

The Last of Us Part 1: Book Store Battle and Collectible Hunt

After you’ve completed the Optional Conversation and Artifact, proceed past the checkpoint and into the region ahead. This segment can be a challenging combat encounter. We’ll be passing by a bookstore that’s packed with hunters.

You’ll hear three hunters discussing ahead of you as you enter the area. Sneak up on them and listen in on their chat. Take all three down quietly with your bow, retrieving any arrows you can after they’re dead.

Turn your focus to the bookstore now. Four Hunters patrol the ground floor, while four more watch the landing above. Wait for the hunters to conclude their talk before picking them off using the pathways beneath the landing on the ground floor. If you’re afraid they’ll see you, use the bow to finish them off silently.

When all four of the enemies have been defeated, scale the stairs near where we came in. Using the arrows, take the two soldiers closest to the stairs out. When they’re all down, creep around the landing and finish out the last two stragglers. Don’t go just yet, for this region is brimming with treasures. We’re going to look for some valuable treasures, so keep an eye out for resources. There will be plenty of arrows, crafting supplies, ammo, and other useful goods.

Ellie’s Jokes 02

Let’s begin on the ground floor. Locate the kitchen in the bookstore’s northeast corner. This is also the room where we’ll find the Abandon Zone Note Artifact.

Wait a few seconds and Ellie will pull out her joke book and begin her second stand-up routine. Prepare to hear some hilarious jokes and press TRIANGLE to start the conversation.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 33: Abandon Zone Note

Our next item can be found in the same room as Ellie’s second round of jokes (the kitchen on the northeast side of the bookstore).

The Abandon Zone Note is waiting to be picked up on the table to your right as you enter the kitchen.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 34: Applicant Checklist

This note may be found beneath the stairs on the right as you enter the bookstore. A shelving unit can be found beneath the steps.

The Applicant Checklist is located on the shelving unit. Take it and put it in our collection.

Firefly Pendant 11: Risk

Check the alley on the west side of the bookstore’s bottom floor, accessible through the windows. Out here, you’ll notice an upturned display case. Risk’s Firefly Pendant is hidden behind the exhibition cabinet. Take it and put it in our collection.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 35: Traitors Flyer

Return to the little location where the three Hunters were encountered before entering the bookstore. It’s the location with the cover immediately outside the door.

Look towards the gate through which you entered the region to see the Traitors Flyer next to a grey and yellow box with hazard warnings covering it.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 36: Lost Areas Map

Eventually, proceed to the second floor and look for the “Rivers Cafe,” which is located near a burning barrel. The restroom is located to the right of the counter in the cafe.

The restroom door is a shiv door, although this one isn’t optional if you want to reach 100% completion.

Loot the room with the shiv for scrap, supplements, and crafting supplies, then grab the Lost Areas Map next to the sink.

After you’ve collected all of the collectibles in the immediate vicinity, proceed via the fire exit to the left of the Rivers Cafe. You’ll appear outside. Continue down the way ahead, descending the steel stairs and passing through an area with two soldiers suspended from a street lamp. Ellie will make a remark about the unpleasant sight. Turn around next to the lamp and climb the metal steps in front of you.

Drop down onto the truck below the steps and then down to the floor after you reach the top. You’ll find some supplements in the trash next to the truck (you shouldn’t take them, but Joel’s made differently, I think). At the end of the corridor, round the corner of the alleyway and enter the street.

A cutscene will begin, with Joel and Ellie crouching behind a taxi as Hunters arrive ahead. Don’t go back to where the hunters were when the scene is finished. Turn around and proceed to the graffiti sign that reads “death for freedom.” This location has some scrap on the left side and some resources on the right.

Optional Conversation 17: Waist Size

The next Optional Conversation will start while you’re investigating this region, as Ellie looks at a snapshot of a model in a clothing store window.

Ellie will initiate the conversation by remarking on the model’s size. When you activate it, Joel will discuss the pre-outbreak mentality regarding weight loss.

Ellie’s Jokes 03

Wait a few seconds in this area after you’ve finished the Optional Conversation. Ellie will ultimately break out the joke book for a third round of bad puns. To start the onslaught, press TRIANGLE and suffer through the cringe.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 37: Mother’s Note

When the jokes have worn off, look for a door with a red X through it. It’s to the left of the yellow can Joel was hiding behind in the last cutscene.

This is a Shiv Door, and we’ll need to open another one to reach 100%. Once inside, there’s lots to plunder, including arrows, revolver ammo, scrap, and other items.

The Mother’s Note, which relates a terrible story, can also be found on an armchair near the entryway. Joel will make a comment, and you will have officially marked off another relic.

After the jokes have been spoken and the shiv door has been unlocked, proceed to where we saw the hunters in the cutscene. We’ll have to bring Ellie up to the truck to get to where the hunters were. When you’re ready, jump into the pool ahead and swim north until you come upon a wooden palette behind the trucks. Take it and return it to Ellie. She’s going to leap onto the palette. Bring it to the truck where the hunters were standing.

Ellie will leap to her feet and place a wooden plank between the hunters’ truck and a second truck to the left. We just need to go to the top of the truck on the left side and climb over. Swim through the doors at the back of the vehicle on the left and enter an abandoned coffee shop through the side entrance.

We can just step up onto the truck from here by going through the small space with the counter, but first let’s check out the upper floor of the coffee shop. We can get there by swimming through the underwater arches behind the store.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 38: Stash Note

Climbing the steps to the second story will put you on a walkway overlooking the counter. Following the walkway around will lead you to a shiv, some supplements, and the Stash Note.

Take the Stash Note, read it, and then stuff it in your backpack. That’s another item added to the collection.

Return to the ground floor, mount the truck, and cross the bridge to the opposite side. Continue forward until you see the hotel’s entrance. Drop through the window to begin the chapter’s second half.

The Last of Us Part 1: Hotel Lobby

You’ll arrive in the Hotel Lobby, which is more of a swamp than a posh five-star hotel these days.

This lobby has a lot going on, including a safe behind check-in to your right. We’ll return to the safe in a moment. First, let’s have a look about.

Optional Conversation 18: I Miss Coffee

After checking in, turn left and follow the road until you reach a bar with a giant bronze coffee machine behind it. An Optional Conversation prompt will show as you approach the coffee machine. It’s worth mentioning that in The Last of Us: Part I Remake, this Optional Conversation prompt is replaced by a Point of Interest question.

After you’ve examined the machine, take the ladder opposite the bar and move it to the left. It should be propped up against the wall below the shattered railing on the floor above. Floor two is now accessible.

Ellie’s Jokes 04

It’s that time of year again. Wait a minute after reaching the top of the ladder. Ellie will soon pull out that joke book for the fourth time and start berating you with terrible puns.

Suffer it, then stand there and wait for it to end. Nobody ever claimed reaching 100% would be simple. What did you anticipate? Is there no adversity? Sit back and laugh at Ellie’s humor.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 39: Note to Staff

When you reach the top of the ladder and reach the second floor, look to your right for a little ledge you can slither over to reach the opposite side.

Cross the ledge and continue up the route ahead of you. The Note to Staff can be found in a neighboring luggage. The code for the safe below is written on this note: 22-10-56.

Pittsburgh Safe

Let’s go back to the safe and enter the code from the Note to Staff above. It’s located behind the check-in desk. When you get there, enter 22-10-56 to open the door. You’ll find ammo, supplies, and another item within.

Training Manual 3: Shiv Reinforcement

We’ll uncover ammo, resources, and a very unusual collectible inside the previously mentioned Pittsburgh Safe.

The Shiv Reinforcement Training Manual is the collectable in question. Take it, and you’ll discover how to get more uses out of shivs before they break.

Return to the staircase, climb to floor 2, and take a left, continuing the hallway upstairs until you reach a windowed room. Be prepared for a harsh encounter if you pass through.

The Last of Us Part 1: Clash in The Hotel Corridors

You’ll find yourself on the roof through the window. Cross to the window on the other side of the room. Inside, you’ll hear hunters. Sneak to cover and use your ears to locate your foes.

There are several approaches to this scenario. As is customary, the most realistic strategy is to lure enemies into each of the hotel’s rooms and take them out quietly. There are about seven hunters to fight with here, so if you’re cautious, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

However, the hotel corridors are a maze, and it’s possible that you’ll come upon an opponent while investigating. If this occurs, use the maze-like structure to break contact and return to stealth mode. Play it smart, and you’ll have your foes under control in no time.

When they’re finished, go to room 204 and exit through the double doors onto the roof. Enter the window on the left side of the space and climb the rubble to the hotel’s next storey. Remember this location since we’ll be returning once we beat a group of opponents nearby.

The strategy for the following segment is the same as for the previous one. We’ll be fighting eight foes on the next floor of the hotel, with the goal of luring them into rooms and stealthily finishing them off. Make use of the bow to dispatch enemies quietly. After that, collect all of the materials, scrap, and ammo you can find.

Optional Conversation 19: The Easy Way Out

Recall how we got here, scaling the rubble and passing through the bathroom? Return to the bathroom (room 304), and peek in the bathtub. Inside the tub, you’ll notice two skeletons. Ellie will say that they took “the easy way out,” but Joel will disagree, reminding Ellie that it is the most difficult decision a person must make.

Look for the stairs going to the next floor once the pair has discussed the skeletons. You should come across the staircase if you follow the indications in the area to the elevators. Ascend the steps and then engage with the slightly ajar elevator.

Joel will force the doors open after a QTE. Climb inside using the ladder. You’ll reach the elevator’s service hatch, allowing you to climb above it. Reach for the small ledge in front of you and shimmy your way to the other elevator, dropping onto it once you’re above it.

When you arrive, go to the open elevator doors and press TRIANGLE to boost Ellie up. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned, and Joel is thrown crashing down into a pool of water below.

The Last of Us Part 1: Hotel Basement

Swim through the debris and vault over a nearby locker to reach another pool of water once you regain control. Follow the trail until it ends, then plunge beneath the surface and swim down.

Swim through the doorway on your right beneath the water and continue down the path, being careful not to run out of air. When you reemerge, you’ll see a sign that says West Tower B1. Look to your right before entering the door to find a side room. Inside, you’ll find some shotgun ammo, a shiv, and some crafting materials.

When you’re finished, return to the central pool of water and dive under, seeking for a submerged doorway exactly beneath where we noticed the West Tower B1 sign. Swim through the passage, turning right when a side entrance becomes available. You’ll be in a small area with some lockers when you reemerge.

Hotel Basement – continued

Exit the room and proceed down the path. Joel will eventually approach a spore-infested area while wearing a gas mask. Continue down the disintegrating passage, diving beneath the rubble until you reach the opposite side. A swarm of rats will rush at Joel in the tunnel ahead. Loot the rooms to your right and left, but don’t turn on the generator you discovered through the route to your right just yet. There is a plenty of ammunition and supplies.

Head upstairs by either path, then loot the laundry room to the north. When you’re finished, turn west. You’ll come across a passageway that has clearly had some Cordyceps cosmetic alterations. At the end of this corridor, there will be a locked door that will require a key card to unlock.

We’ll be joined by some wary new pals after we learn this. This is our first encounter with Stalkers, a species of infected that uses stealth to gain an advantage over us. These guys are frightening, swift, and can give you the scare of your life if you don’t follow their whereabouts. To take down Stalkers, find a lengthy tunnel with few openings, then back up against a wall and wait for them to attack.

If you can’t get the timing down to land a headshot, use melee weapons. They’ll most likely be able to avoid hand-to-hand combat, but melee weapons are extremely effective. In this section, you will face five enemies. When they’re dead, proceed up the corridor and turn right. Loot the neighboring cupboards before continuing down the path until you reach a security room.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 40: Hotel Keycard

Search the security room for everything you can discover before proceeding to the central table. The Hotel Keycard can be found on the central table. This is not simply the key to exiting this area, but it is also an artifact. For those keeping track, that’s Artifact 40.

With the keycard in hand, proceed downstairs and activate the generator we discovered earlier. It’s down the ramp in the kitchen area on the northeast side of the second level, for those who forget. Unfortunately, this will attract unwelcome attention. We’ll have to face a bloater as well as three more stalkers.

Run upstairs as soon as the bloater appears in the area. We’re going to start with the stalkers. Find all three of these eerie runner-variants and dispatch them with melee weapons and your pistol. Now that they’re done, we can concentrate on the bloater.

The best option here is to create a loop because the corridors are narrow and if the bloater finds us, it’s game over. Starting from the generator room, fire shots at the bloater before running upstairs and waiting for him to enter the long corridor outside the washing room.

When he arrives, fire additional shots till he gets near, then dash to the keycard door and shoot him again. Finally, drop off the ledge opposite the keycard door and below to the ground floor, taking more shots as the bloater joins you. Rinse and repeat until the bloater is dead.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 40: Hotel Keycard – continued

When he’s dead, go upstairs and escape with the keycard. You’ll come to a stairwell. As you climb it, you’ll come to a blue door. There are four more doors on the other side. The one on the right leads to a restroom containing some arrows and revolver ammunition. The one on the left leads to a room containing scrap, supplements, and a workstation. And the one across from the workbench room has some scrap. Loot all three and use the workbench to customize your weapons.

When you’re ready, proceed to the fourth door down the steps. You’ll walk into a kitchen and notice a clicker nearby. Two hunters will enter and dispatch the clicker before you can take it down. They’ll split apart once they’ve finished talking. There are four hunters in this battle encounter, albeit we can’t see the other two.

Silently take down the one ahead of you when his buddy begins to walk away. Wait for the second hunter to return to the kitchen and then take him down too. Finish the final two hunters and then loot the area for stray supplies.

When you’re ready to move on, head to the seating around and look for a ladder on the floor by a puddle of water. Pick it up and then it beneath the broken balcony directly above where you found it.

Climb up the ladder and then Joel will be attacked by a hunter, being knocked into the puddle of water below. Your assailant will attempt to drown you. Mash SQUARE to try to escape. After a long QTE segment, Ellie will rescue you, cueing a cutscene. When you regain control, scale the ladder to the top and follow the path into the next room. Look for a door on the left that takes you back into the dining area.

Comic 03: Accretion

When returning to the dining area’s second floor, shimmy across the broken stairs to reach the bar on the opposite side. Take everything from the bar and then proceed to the coffee tables across the street. On one table, there’s some scrap, and on the other, there’s a comic called Accretion.

When you’re ready, return to Ellie and continue down the trail until you reach a damaged staircase. Drop to the ground floor. There are two sets of bathrooms on your left. In the men’s room, look for a shiv in the cubicle on the right side.

Firefly Pendant 12: Reed

Next, proceed to the women’s restroom. Reed’s Firefly Pendant can be found in the back cubicle, straight to the left of the toilet. Take it up and inspect it before adding it to our collection. On your way out, make sure to take the alcohol and bandages from the sink.

Training Manual 04: Melee Knots

Return to the path and follow it after leaving the women’s restroom. After passing the elevators, look to your left for a table. This table contains the Melee Knots Training Manual. Take a look. Our Melee weapons have been upgraded to last one hit longer.

Continue through the instruction handbook and up to the table ahead. At the end of the corridor, there will be a door. When you enter it, you will be in a Ball Room.

Optional Conversation 20: Palm Tree Backdrop

Take a right after entering the hall and seek for a backdrop with palm plants. Ellie will walk over and check it after a few seconds.

A prompt for an Optional Conversation will appear. This one is a little different in that it provides three prompts during a single chat. Start all three. Joel and Ellie will discuss the context, followed by their earlier argument.

After you’ve finished talking with Ellie, loot the resources to the left of the backdrop and proceed to the piano. Play the piano first (not because you have to, but because it’s necessary in any game with a piano interaction), then go to the side of it and press TRIANGLE to push it. Use the piano to reach the walkway above once it’s in place.

Push through the door to the north of you. You’ll walk into a bar. Proceed through the doors to the northwest of the entrance. To initiate a cutscene, vault over the balcony and onto the scaffolding.

The Last of Us Part 1: Financial District

After the cutscene, we’ll discover that there are some really terrible men beneath us that we’ll have to take out in order to progress. Fortunately, we have backup. Joel finally trusts Ellie enough to give her a rifle, which means that if we get into a shootout, our eye in the sky will kill some opponents for us.

When we retake possession, we’ll encounter a huge group of hunters. Five people will be standing just in front of us, admiring a dead body. It’s up to you here, but if you want to go for the loud approach, you can use a nail bomb to take them all out in one swoop, then utilize the barrier for cover as you finish off the other members of the team. Ellie will support you, making the firefight less stressful.

We may, however, do this invisibly. Wait for a hunter to run over and frantically alert his friends about our efforts, and then pick off the hunters as they start searching the area. There’s plenty of cover all around the battlefield, so entice victims into remote areas and choke them out without being spotted. Use the bow to dispatch hunters quietly as well.

There are numerous adversaries scattered throughout the middle part as well as the buildings to the left and right. Use the buildings to remain hidden until the majority of the adversaries have been eliminated. If you are discovered, flee and regain your stealth before returning to your mission.

Following the stealthy exit of the initial seven soldiers, a further six will enter the area from the northern gate. Take them down to start the cutscene. When it’s finished, Ellie will be armed, and we’ll be ready to go find some more collectibles.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 41: Fireflies Note

The very first artifact we’ll look for is in a freezer in the back of Don Fiocchi’s Sandwiches. It’s a store at the northeast part of the neighborhood. Go to the shop and look for a hidden entrance behind the counter. To your left in the back room is the freezer. The Fireflies Note can be located on the floor to your right inside. Pick it up and place it in our collection.

Optional Conversation 21: Body Hanging From Tree

This following Optional Conversation is a complete hassle to initiate. You should go over to the hanging dead body that the Hunters were talking about before the fight engagement. It’s to the left of where you began the fight encounter.

The only issue is that the prompt may or may not show. If it doesn’t appear, keep reloading the previous checkpoint until it does. If it persists, exit to the menu, reload the game, and try again. It’s rough, but it should work in the end.

With both collectibles in your possession, proceed north and through the shutter on your left. Head under the shutter after a brief sequence in which Ellie props the gate open with a cart. When it falls, gather the scrap on your right and the resources on your left, then move the cart to the opening in the wall opposite the shutter.

Climb into the next room after it’s in place. Make any upgrades you wish on the workbench on your right. When you’re finished, vault the table in front of you to trigger a terrible sequence. When it’s finished, proceed to the stairway on your left and climb the steps.

You’ll walk into a corridor outside of an office. From the other side of the passageway, two hunters will approach you. We have two choices: kill the hunters or flee from them. If you’re taking them out, wait for them to separate and then take out the one nearest to you. Once he’s dead, proceed into the office and eliminate the second hunter.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 42: Final Attack Note

Enter the back office and proceed to the left until you find a damaged window. The Final Attack Note is located beneath the window. It’s just beside a desk. Pick it up, read it quickly, and add it to your collection. Another artifact has been discovered.

Exit the office and travel west, taking the adjoining sidewalk. Drop down onto the vehicle below and follow the path to the floor. Continue ahead until you reach an intersection, then duck behind the barriers ahead of you. We have the enjoyable duty of taking out a swarm of hunters here.

Three of these nefarious characters will be sheltering in a sniper hole east of us, while four more will be bunkered down ahead. Before we go for the ones at the end of the road, let’s finish off the three in the sniper’s nest quietly. Make your approach to the door next to the police car ahead, keeping an eye out for the tripwire that runs from the car’s hood to a neighboring wall.

You should observe one of the hunters enter the next room as you make your way upstairs. Use a distraction to entice him back into the corridor and dispatch him. Next, use your bow to take out the two hunters ahead of you. This can be tough because they’re so close, but it’s manageable if you take down the hunter closest to the door.

When they’re finished, your best bet is to exploit the sniper’s nest to your advantage. Take out your gun and take out the four adversaries who are standing outside. One will most likely hurry up the stairs with a melee weapon to find you. Return to shooting the other hunters after dispatching him with your own melee weapon. We’ll be able to pillage freely after they’re all dead.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 43: Mob Attack Note

Look for a study with a computer, desk, and water cooler when you’re in the sniper’s nest. The Mob Attack Note can be found beneath the desk. Read it and then add it to your library.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 44: Truck Note

Exit the sniper’s perch and proceed to the junction where we killed the last of the hunters. This region will lead us to a few shops, one of which is the Rations Depot. Go inside and check for the Truck Note on the desk. Include it in the collection.

After obtaining the Truck Note, proceed to the back of the Depot in search of a Shiv Door. You’ll find supplements, scrap, crafts supplies, and other goodies inside.

Optional Conversation 22: Everyone’s Got A Family

Upon leaving the Ration Depot, look for graffiti that says “Death For Freedom” on the wall beside the nearby tank. Ellie will make a comment on this, kicking off an Optional Conversation. To complete another optional chat, speak with her about the survivors who were slaughtered here.

Once you’ve started the dialogue and discovered all of the relics in the area, raise Ellie to the red ladder to the left of the “Death For Freedom” sign. She’ll kick the ladder down for Joel once she’s up, allowing him to climb up. Follow the path until you reach an open space.

Optional Conversation 23: Military Prep School

As you land, you’ll notice the gates to a military prep school on your right. When you approach them, Ellie will start talking about her experiences in a similar facility. A prompt for an Optional Conversation will appear. You already know what to do. When we click on the prompt, it will be added to our total.

Optional Conversation 24: Dawn of the Wolf

After you’ve seen the military gates, turn around and search for a billboard with a banner for the film Dawn of the Wolf: Part 2. It’s next to a rusting van to the right of the alleyway we need to take to get there.

Ellie will rush up to the poster and make a comment, setting up yet another Optional Conversation. Listen to the dialogue after pressing the prompt.

The Last of Us Part 1: Turret Escape

When you’re done talking, go into the alleyway to the left of the poster. After a few paces, you’ll start to hear conversations as the hunters close in on your location with the military turret. We’ll need to remain sneaky here because the turret is powerful. The only approach to get past this teel giant is to first go all the way to the end of the alleyway, where you can take out the hunter lurking to the left of the garage outside.

Once he’s dead, return to the garage and dispatch each of the hunters, ideally with the bow if feasible. We’ll have to rely on distractions if you don’t have the bow. Draw each hunter apart and pick them off, using the back corridor if you’re about to be spotted.

Once all of the hunters have been dispatched, exit the garage by the west window. Our goal here is to cross the road and enter the building through the back door opposite the garage. To do so, we’ll need to utilize the cars, dumpsters, and other debris on the street as cover while we make our way to the opposite side. At this point, the turret is programmed to see you, so wait for a gap in its barrage of fire before running for the next area of cover. You’ll eventually get to the other side.

Turret Escape – continued

Pass through the door and hide behind the neighboring bookcases. There will be two hunters in here who will try to flank you while the turret is still shooting. They’ll come from the west, so take cover and dispatch them both swiftly.

Duck behind the cop car and head for the window on the other side of the shop. You should proceed south, away from the turret and around the corner. You’ll be rushed by another hunter right away, so shoot him and then finish off his comrade around the corner ahead. Continue along the path. The turret will eventually smash through the gate, pinning you down. Take a deep breath and enter the nearby side door.

Ascend the stairwell. You will visit two offices. The one on the right has revolver ammunition in his desk. Pick it up and proceed through the office on the left to the fire escape. The turret will now abandon the area. Cross the boards ahead and shimmy across the ledge to enter the nearby open window.

When you get inside, take whatever supplies you can find. In the bathroom, there are some supplements near the sink, and in the kitchen, there are some crafting supplies. When you’re finished, shimmy across the ledge and out the window to the right of the kitchen. You’ll come to another open window. Click here to start a tumultuous meeting with some new allies.

The Last of Us Part 1: Escape The City

We’ll be at a flat with Sam and Henry after the cutscene. There’s some fantastic items to be had here, so explore each room. We’ll need supplies for the following step.

Training Manual 5: Molotov Construction

Find our next Training Manual in the apartment’s kitchen. It’s called Molotov Construction, so you can probably imagine what it improves.

The manual will allow us to increase the radius of our molotovs, allowing us to put more adversaries on fire at the same time.

When you’re ready, proceed downstairs with Ellie, Sam, and Henry. Stop when you reach the next story down and proceed to the apartment ahead.

This is a Shiv Door, so if you have one, open it. Take advantage of the supplies inside. You should be able to locate ammo, supplements, scrap, and much more if you dig around.

Comic 04: Deep Phase

Look in the master bedroom when you enter the Shiv Door mentioned above. Another comic book can be found on the desk. Deep Phase is the name of this one. Examine it, then stuff it in your rucksack.

After you’ve finished inspecting the apartment, proceed to the bottom of the stairs and follow Henry. He’ll take you to a defunct toy store. After watching the cutscene, follow Henry out of the shop. Three hunters will be conversing ahead. Wait for them to finish, then remove them out as quietly as possible.

When they’re all dead, scale the automobile on the far left side of the area and climb to the rooftop. Two hunters will emerge from behind cover. Shoot them both from behind a nearby ventilation system. Climb up to where they were and enter the building on your left after they’re dead.

Firefly Pendant 13: Rios

Henry, Sam, and Ellie will enter through the right-hand entrance. Take a left before we join them and check the adjoining bathroom. Rios’ Firefly Pendant may be found in a cubicle near the back of the room. Take it and put it in our collection. Regroup with the others now. You’ll walk into an architecture firm, and Henry will close the door behind you.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 45: Trial Note

Following your entry into the firm, proceed to the pair of double doors directly opposite the office’s entrance. To your right inside, you’ll find the Trial Note. Read it and then save it to add to your collection.

After you’ve accounted for the note, take the supplements off the kitchen counter and accompany Henry into the firm’s main office. You’ll start a cutscene. After that, it’s time to carry out Henry’s plan.

The Last of Us Part 1: The Skeleton Crew

Following Henry through the firm, take a few steps down to the bottom floor. That is the plan, as Henry will tell you to follow his lead. For the time being, stay close behind him.

You’ll eventually come upon two hunters warming themselves by a fire. Remove the one on the left to allow Henry to complete the one on the right. Once they’re gone, proceed through the doors on the left. You’ll emerge from the tunnel behind a barricade.

A hunter with a spotlight will be ahead of you, utilizing the lamp to detect clickers in the distance and take them down with a gun. Move up when the spotlight has passed. Continue traveling, then circle to the left until you have a good distance between you and the spotlight.

Make a distraction to the right of the spotlight and make a rush for the spotlight tower when the hunters turn away. Kill the hunter in the back of the pack, then use the generator at the foot of the tower to turn off the spotlight.

Now is the time to attack while everyone is distracted. Hide beneath the walkway right beneath the spotlight, to the left of the generator. Wait for the hunters to fall, then take them down with the shotgun for close-range slaughter. Clean up the survivors before looting the goods.

The Skeleton Crew – continued

When you’re ready, go to the central door and push the TRIANGLE button. Joel and Henry will make their way to the other side just as the turret returns to cause havoc. Continue on the way ahead until you see a hunter on top of a nearby truck. Gun him down and then lift Henry up to the ladder on the truck’s side. You’ll start a cutscene.

When it’s finished, go to the shutter Ellie is trying to lift and force it open. After entering, walk the trail until you reach a pub. Four hunters will enter the pub in search of you. Take them out quietly or shoot them dead, then enter the foyer outside.

Head towards the foyer’s front doors and move the cart blocking them out of the way. You’ll be able to use the doors once it’s gone. The turret will crash through several neighboring gates as you leave. When you sprint for the highway, a small cutscene will play. The chase isn’t over yet though. When you regain control, keep running. The next cutscene that cues will end the chapter and on to the next – The Suburbs.

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