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The Last of Us Part 1 is a remake of Naughty Dog’s PS3 success. If you’re new to the game, here is a beginner’s guide to help you out.

If you’re new to the post-apocalyptic survival-action-adventure with dangerous infected, here are some advice that we can give to those who are new to the game, or give a new perspective to veteran players out there.

Explore your surroundings, search for resources


With Joel and Ellie, you’ll travel across America. In such a large project, you’ll cross many dangerous areas. This comprises survivors and voracious infected humans of all sizes. Prepare so you will not end up as monster food.

As typical in this genre, you must examine your surroundings for hidden riches. These can be used to upgrade weapons and equipment or make consumables. Medipacks, shivs, and traps are examples. Improved listening mode helps spot materials.

Utilize your environment


You can obtain important supplies and other objects in the different levels. Particularly bottles and bricks. You can hurl these at foes in The Last of Us Part 1 to throw them off balance and finish them off with targeted strikes.

Always try to gain an initial impression of a new place to determine the best approach to cross it. This saves valuable supplies and nerves in case of doubt, especially in places with powerful opponents. Jumping out a window or scaling a wall might provide much-needed relief.


The last of us part 1 stealth

Especially on harder levels, move discreetly. Playing wisely, you can avoid enemies in some sections. “The Last of Us Part 1” confrontations against multiple adversaries can end badly.

Some fights are inevitable. Before opening fire, annihilate your adversaries from behind. Survival action games are best completed through sneaking. Later in Joel and Ellie’s trip, they’ll need better weapons.

Look for other plans of attack

On higher difficulties, you may find yourself encircled by foes. If so, have a backup plan.

Maybe you run out of ammunition during a combat and must rethink. Perhaps your opponents have you off-balance. If needed, take a break and try again.

Upgrade Gear & Weapons

The last of us part 1 upgrade

The next tip follows. As indicated, better equipment increases survival chances. When you can, prioritize this. Makeshift knives can be upgraded, for instance. This lets you kill a clicker or beast with one hit. Good! You should also boost Joel’s ammo and life energy.

Unlock extra pistol and rifle holsters. You can switch weapons faster. You’ll appreciate these two alternatives near the end of “The Last of Us Part 1.” You can also improve weapons at workbenches. If you have extra resources following an expansion, consider optimizing your weapons.

Shoot arrows, collect, repeat

The last of us part 1 arrow

You get a bow after a few hours of survival action-adventure games. It may kill adversaries almost silently, giving you more stealth choices. You can gather fired arrows.

Each shot arrow’s breakage is random. If it is not damaged, collect them again. Don’t waste post-apocalyptic arrows as it is important.

There you go! We hope that this beginner’s guide to The Last of Us Part 1 will make the most of your gameplay.

Is this your first time playing the game or you’re a veteran? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by: Rai O.

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