The Last of Us Part 1: The Outskirts Walkthrough

The last of us part 1 Outskirts

The Last of Us Part 1 third chapter is The Outskirts. This guide will take you all the way to the Capitol Building. We’ll be providing strategies for overcoming every combat encounter, puzzle, and, most crucially, Clicker section.

This guide will take you all the way to the Capitol Building, providing strategies for overcoming every combat encounter, puzzle, and, most crucially, Clicker section.

The Outskirts has a total of nine Artifacts, four Firefly Pendants, and three Optional Conversations. We will examine each of their sites as we proceed. If you’re only interested in secrets and trinkets, you can visit our Collectibles page for a complete listing of each collectable category and its locations.

The Last of Us Part 1: Outside

This chapter of The Last of Us Part 1 will begin with a cinematic in which Joel awakens to see Ellie surveying the wet scenery outdoors. Before Tess enters the room, the two will exchange a few words. It’s time to get moving after another brief talk. When you retake control, you’ll be confronted with the chapter’s first two collectibles.

Optional Conversation 05: Tess Talks About Marlene

You can start an Optional Conversation with Tess as soon as the chapter begins by strolling over to her as she looks out the window.

Joel would inquire about Marlene, questioning why she sent them to transport Ellie rather than going personally. When the conversation is finished, Tess will walk up to the bookcase and reveal a hidden entrance.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 09: Tess’ List

Don’t start following Tess just yet. Instead, turn around and peek in the other apartment room. A note can be found on the table next to the lamp Joel lit earlier. Take it. It’s a list of the supplies Tess requires. Once it’s in your inventory, you can proceed with the objective by following Tess via the secret passage.

You’ll come to an elevator after passing through the passage. You might begin by turning on the red generator on your left. You must play a mini-game when dealing with the generator. Press TRIANGLE when the white dot lands on the TRIANGLE prompt. If you repeat this three times, the generator will start.

Now, get on the elevator and press the green button to start the descent. You’ll see Tess telling Ellie to listen to her and Joel in a short clip.

The Last of Us Part 1: Artifact 10: Patrol Routes Map

Look to your right as you reach the bottom of the elevator shaft. There’s a note on the floor. That’s the Patrol Routes Map, another item for our collection. Joel will put it in his backpack once you’ve grabbed it.

Crouch and walk through the hole on the left-hand side of the room, following the passage until you reach a ladder leading upwards.

Climb the ladder and then press TRIANGLE to raise the wooden palette above you. You’ll recover control outside after a brief cutscene. Continue on the way ahead until you see a truck. Jump into the truck’s bed and use it to reach the bank above. As you emerge from the other side, you’ll be ambushed, triggering a lengthy cutscene that provides some much-needed answers about Ellie and her significance to the Fireflies.

The Last of Us Part 1: Escaping the Soldiers

We’ll be hiding from the soldiers patrolling the area once the scene is completed. Tess should be followed beneath the tanker and behind the cover on the opposite side. Tess will take command here and inform us when to move. Wait for Tess to say “run,” then proceed to the truck on your left.

Drop down from the bank to the left from here. Stay out of the light and follow Tess. There are spotlights here that will warn neighboring soldiers if they detect you.

You’ll finally come to an open doorway, where Tess will inform Ellie that they must run to avoid the soldiers. Follow her into the open pipe ahead when she moves. Two soldiers will arrive when you exit, patrolling the bank above. Get behind the wall where Tess is standing and then turn left.

From above, a soldier will be watching. Wait for him to turn around and then slip over to the wall underneath him. Sneak over to the pipe northeast of you when he looks away again. Pass through it and exit on the other side, then press up against the wall to your left. Two more troops will be watching from the bank above. Follow the left wall carefully until you find a second pipe, pausing if the troops start aiming where you need to go.

Escaping the Soldiers – continued

Enter the pipe and return to the opposite side of the area. Wait for the troops to look aside, then turn right and continue the trail until you reach a pool of water. Climb the hill to your left, then enter the chamber to your right, stealing blades and tape from neighboring lockers. Leave the room and start climbing the hill in front of you.

As soon as you reach the top, a soldier will start patrolling the walkway behind you. Wait for Tess to leave and then follow her to a nearby cover. When Tess gives you the go-ahead, turn left, climb the stairs, and then descend to the floor below.

Continue down the route until you reach a gate. Before you open the gate, look to your right through the windows for a desk with an interactive drawer. Open it to discover some tape. When you’re finished, return to the gate and close it.

On the other side, you’ll reach the end of a long street. A squad of troops is approaching you from the other side. Follow Tess, hiding from your enemies with a nearby car and tank. Tess will eventually lead you inside a run-down structure. Grab any supplies you come across and try not to be seen, ducking behind cover whenever opponents start to notice you.

The soldiers will finally break into the building and look for you. It can be difficult to remain stealthy here, primarily because the soldiers will enter the building from several locations, unintentionally encircling you. You should try to create a diversion. Hide outside the building with a bottle or a brick while the soldiers investigate. When they’re gone, proceed down the right wall until you reach a broken-down truck. Use it to exit the combat zone.

Escaping the Soldiers – continued

If you’re having trouble convincing the soldiers to go, it’s best to eliminate them. Use the distraction to seize one of the guards, strangling him out and allowing you to flee unnoticed.

Follow the road ahead and drop down to the bottom of the pit below once you’ve passed through the lorry. A sewer pipe can be found on the right side of this area. You can sneak through it to go to the basement. Climb the stairs, then look for a hole on the southwest wall. Sneak your way through it.

A group of troops searching from the roof above may be seen on the other side. Crouch behind the vent in front of you and wait for them to go. Once they’re gone, keep going. There are two options at the end of the trail. One down a long tunnel on the right and one through a set of double doors on the left.

First, turn left. You’ll walk inside a room with a few lockers. When you first enter, loot the locker to your left for a blade and some ammo, then proceed to the desk to your right for some scrap. Leave the chamber once all of the supplies have been looted and take the alternate path. You’ll be entering a sewer. Continue on the path until you reach a room with a grate above you. A truck will drive over the grate, but it will not see you. Continue forward until you reach the other side’s metal door.

The Last of Us Part 1: Downtown

The troops will leave once you’ve escaped through the sewers. Following the cutscene, Joel and Tess will discuss Ellie’s secret and whether they should continue the quest. They ultimately decide to keep to the plan, which means it’s time to go downtown.

After the scenario ends, follow Tess until she climbs onto the road’s ruins above. Before we join her, make your way through the opening beneath the rubble to your left. On the opposite side of the rubble, on your left, you’ll locate some supplements. They resemble blue flowers. Return to Tess and Ellie once you’ve grabbed them.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 11: Evacuation Leaflet

When you rejoin the pair, you’ll find yourself on a street beneath skyscrapers. On your right, there’s a message next to a garbage can. Take it to score. Evacuation Leaflet (Artifact 11). Joel will stuff it into his rucksack, marking off another artifact.

Follow Ellie and Tess until you get to a ramp. Take a left into the vehicle next to you before heading up it. There are 5 scrap inside. Return to the ramp and continue forward.

You’ll reach a ledge at the top of the ramp, and Ellie and Tess warn you that it’s a tremendous plunge. Turn right and proceed through the ruins. A fresh route awaits you on the other side. It will take you to the base of The Goldstone Building, a tall skyscraper.

Firefly Pendant 04: Lenz

When reaching The Goldstone Building, don’t enter straight away. Instead, take a right and head towards the grassy area with the benches next to the entrance. The tree closest to the doorway has a Firefly Pendant on one of its lower branches.

To get it down, you can shoot it, although the better option is to use a brick or bottle to knock it down. You can find one of each in the nearby area. If you’re struggling to see the pendant, turn on your flashlight. Light reflects off the pendant, making it easier to spot.

Now, return to the entrance to the Goldstone Building and go inside. When you reach the top of the ramp, take a left through the doorway.

Optional Conversation 06: Dead Soldier in The Goldstone Building

On your right, you’ll come across a dead soldier. After inspecting the body, an Optional Conversation prompt will display over it.

When you press TRIANGLE, Ellie, Joel, and Tess will discuss it, concluding that something ominous is hiding in the building.

It’s worth mentioning that in The Last of Us: Part I Remake, this Optional Conversation prompt is replaced by a Point of Interest question. Regardless, make sure you cross it off the list.

After speaking with the soldier, proceed through the doorway next to him and then open the door opposite you. You’ll find some scrap within. Take it and then exit the room. While exiting, look to your left for a stairway that leads uphill. Climb it.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 12: Field Ops Log

A second corpse can be found halfway up the stairs. Our next artifact can be found next to the body, beside some bullets.

The Field Ops Log may be found to the right of the corpse. Joel will make a remark about it and stuff it into his rucksack.

Climb the final stairs while holding the relic. To continue the story, we’ll head left, but first climb to the top floor and plunder the supplies on your right. Return to the second floor and exit via the doorway once you’ve finished.

We’ll get our first look at The Last of Us’ most recognizable (and terrifying) foe here. A lifeless clicker is glued to the doorway ahead. This chapter will have several blind, late-stage infected, but this one is only a corpse. Press TRIANGLE to interact with it, then continually press TRIANGLE to pry it loose. When it’s gone, interact with the door by continuously pressing SQUARE to bash through it.

The following chamber houses a slew of goods, including a sword and various supplements. Take them and proceed up the path, slipping beneath a filing cabinet and entering an office. Make your way to the opposite side of the room before opening the white door north of Joel, grabbing a blade and some tape from a nearby desk.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 12: Field Ops Log – Continued

Push through the white door when you’re ready. When you reach the other side, Joel and Tess will unintentionally knock a filing cabinet down the stairs, causing a clicker to emerge from a nearby chamber and attack Joel. Mash SQUARE to repel it, and Tess will finally gun it down. Get used to the worry of running across one of these eldritch mushroom monstrosities because you’ll be fighting them a lot.

When you’ve regained control, enter the chamber to your right. You’ll find everything you need to make a medkit (and be taught how to construct one). Go to your inventory, craft one, and then utilize it. Don’t go back into the corridor just yet. Instead, proceed through the side rooms until you reach a locked door. This is the first time we’ve used a shiv door. If you still have shivs from earlier in the game, you can use one to pry the door open and take the bundle of important items within.

If you have one and are willing to use it, there are a plethora of supplements, ammo, scrap, and resources within, so it’s definitely worth your time. Whatever you decide, let’s return to the corridor where the clicker assaulted us. Continue down the hall, looking for a room to your left. Head inside and you’ll find a wall you may boost Tess over northeast of where you entered. Do so, and she will pull you up.

The Last of Us Part 1: Clickers – Part 1

When you reach the next floor, a cutscene will play in which Joel, Tess, and Ellie encounter a clicker. You’ll be trapped in a room with the terrible monster after it’s over.

The objective here is to avoid the clicker and hop over the wooden scaffolding to the north of where the encounter begins. If you’re up for a brawl, you can take the clicker down. If you must fight, go for the head. A single hit to the brain will stun it, and two hits will kill it. Just keep in mind that if a clicker gets a hold of you and you don’t have any shivs on you, it’s a one-hit kill.

Assuming you aim to avoid it, move in a circle around the tables to your left, crouching to make less noise. When you go to the back of the room, utilize one of the bottles scattered about to confuse the clicker, giving you enough time to scramble over the scaffolding and escape.

It shouldn’t be too difficult. Remember that clickers are sensitive to noise but blind, so while it’s not advisable (they can echolocate you if given the opportunity), you can stroll in front of one undetected if you keep quiet. If you want to take the clicker down quietly, you’ll need a shiv. It’s advisable to save the shivs for later battles as the game blends in clickers with regular enemies.

Clickers – Part II

Once you’ve gotten over the scaffolding, collect the med kit next to the dead soldier front of you and then jump the railing to your left. Remove the chest of drawers from the stairway and let Ellie and Tess to fall to the floor below. Join them when they’re dropped. Tess will assist you and Ellie in exiting the window and onto the scaffolding outside. Stick to the left wall and loop around, returning to the building. Once entering, take the stairs down and enter the chamber on your right.

When you enter, there will be a body ahead of you holding a handgun. When prompted, press TRIANGLE to pick it up, adding a new weapon to our inventory. A 2×4 can also be found in the room to your right.

The following section may be challenging. We’ll have to descend down to the floor below through a hole to Tess and Ellie’s right. The difficulty is that the area is infested with infections. Four runners and a clicker are patrolling the room, which we must clear before proceeding. The simplest way to approach this part is to play it quietly.

Once you’ve dropped down, turn right, grab the pipe melee weapon from the floor (it’s better than the 2×4), and choke out the runner ahead. When he’s gone, two more runners will most likely approach you. Hide and wait for them to return to the other side of the room.

Clickers – Part III

The plan here is to divide and conquer. If an infected person wanders into a room on their own, follow them cautiously and take them out. You don’t have to worry about leaving bodies behind (it’s difficult to care about dead bodies when you’re a zombie and your entire existence revolves around being, you know, undead), but you do want to avoid being caught in the middle of a kill-animation by a stray runner.

Use distractions as well. There are plenty of bottles and bricks laying about for you to use against your adversaries, so play it carefully and lure runners into corners where you can quietly execute them. Unless you want to spend a shiv bringing it down discreetly, save the clicker for last. We’re just going to shoot down the clicker, so make sure no runners ambush us while we finish it.

When all of the runners have died, lure the clicker to a location with lots of space between you and it. Then, aim for the head and shoot. A direct hit to the skull should stun it, allowing you to dispatch it quickly. Take your time and be accurate, fleeing and hiding if things go wrong. If all goes according to plan, Tess and Ellie will join you after it’s dead. Rummage around for resources (most infected will drop revolver ammo), then walk to the north side of the area.

Clickers – Part IV

A tiny, elevated ramp will lead you to another floor. Climb up, take the revolver ammunition on your left, and move the cabinet away from the nearby door. Climb through to the next room and plunder the resources on the sofa and desk. After you’ve gathered your belongings, follow Tess and Ellie through the door to your left.

When you enter the next room, choose the path to your left and follow it down the hall, descending floors and crawling through cramped hallways until you reach the subway tunnels beneath the building. Look ahead after entering the tunnels to see a dead body. A Molotov Cocktail is next to the corpse.

Take out the Molotov cocktail. Joel will dissect the projectile and teach us how to make them in the process. Gather the supplies surrounding the weapon.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 13: Firefly Map

A second body can be found up a flight of stairs just north of the dead Firefly with the molotov. Proceed in that direction. The Firefly Map is located to the right of the body. Joel will pocket the map after you’ve examined it, adding another artifact to our collection.

After you’ve obtained the map, walk southeast of the body to uncover some rubble Joel may hide beneath. Continue following the trail beneath it. A cutscene will begin, with the three entering a big area packed with clickers. We’ll have to make our way past this swarm of beasts.

If you aren’t interested in any of the remaining secrets in this part, simply proceed to the exit. Simply walk north of where Joel enters the area and seek for a ladder to which Tess can be boosted. However, there is an artifact buried here, as well as a safe that we can open to get some useful goods. Assuming you’re willing to go the extra mile, let’s go over finding the artifact and breaking the safe. Before we do anything further, go into the lockers on your left. You’ll discover a shiv and some pistol ammunition.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 14: Note to Derek

We’ll need to turn left when we enter the clicker room to get Artifact 14. Make sure the coast is clear by listening, then swiftly move to the left side of the area, sticking close to the walls and keeping your flashlight on.

A runner will be eating on a body here. As quietly as possible, choke him out, employing a diversion to entice a clicker away if it’s close enough to notice. When you’re finished with the runner, enter the shop on your left. Pistol ammo and the Note to Derek may be found in the drawer behind the counter. Take them both and memorize the safe code (3-43-78).

Let’s go to the right side of the room to look for the safe. Leave the shop and bank right, returning to where we began the combat encounter. From here, we’ll follow the same steps we took to go to the shop with the message, but this time it’ll be a little difficult.

Artifact 14: Note to Derek – continued

To go to the shop, we’ll have to walk through the central seating area. Push forward and, when there are no clickers nearby, hop through the window and quickly turn right. Wait for the coast to clear in the hallway ahead before entering the first shop on the right. Another runner will arrive. Slowly approach him and choke him out for a silent kill.

Look find the safe behind the counter once he’s dead. Enter 3-43-78 and take the scrap. It’s now time to flee. A clicker is likely to be patrolling the corridor, preventing you from going towards the exit.

Use a distraction to move the clickers away from you and aim it to the left side of the space. It should be a straight trip north from there. When you arrive, look for a ladder and help Tess climb it. Wait for her and Ellie to ascend before joining them. You’ll enter a new region if you walk through the hole in the wall ahead. Take a left and you’ll find yourself on the street, where you’ll begin the next section of the task.

The Last of Us Part 1: The Museum

After you’ve climbed out of the subway, follow Tess. She’ll note that the route to the Capitol Building is blocked by a truck, meaning they’ll have to find another way around. Take a left from the truck and into the building beside you.

Be careful, there are three runners hanging around in here in a tight cluster. Take them out carefully and quietly. If it devolves into a battle, use melee. We’ll need our ammo a little bit later.

Once they’re all down, interact with the wheelable chest of drawers in the centre of the room, taking it outside and positioning it against the truck Tess was talking about earlier.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 15: Medical Pamphlet

Using the drawers, climb aboard the truck and then drop down the other side. However, before you leave, turn around. Inside the truck, you’ll notice an open entryway.

A 2×4 and a Medical Pamphlet are included. Artifact 15 is another excellent addition to our collection.

With the brochure in hand, exit the truck and proceed along the trail ahead. A fence will be on your left. Pulling the chain will trigger an exciting sequence. You’ll be on the other side of the door after it’s finished.

This room has our first workbench as well as several other supplies. To begin, raid the truck and take the supplements and other resources that are hidden within. Then proceed to the workbench on the left side of the room. Upgrade your weaponry in any way you see appropriate.

When you’re finished, enter the door to the right of the workbench. You’ll end yourself on the first floor of a museum. This floor (which contains the room you’re now in, a side chamber north of where you arrived, and a bigger exhibition room to your left) features some useful stuff, such as revolver ammo, swords, and bandages. Gather whatever you can and then proceed up the ramp to your left in the display area.

Firefly Pendant 05: Kiper

Climb onto the remains of the shattered walkway on your left when you reach the top of the ramp in the exhibition room. Joel will start to shimmy on the shaky road.

Kiper’s Firefly Pendant is in a display case at the end of the path. Take it, shimmy back, and carry on with your quest.

After you’ve chatted, an optional discussion prompt for Ellie will emerge right away. If you talk to her, you’ll gain two extra Optional Conversations.

When you’re ready, make your way to the museum’s upper floor and look for a crawl space on the upper-right side of the area. Sneak through it until you come to a beam that blocks your route. Lift it, triggering a brief sequence in which Tess and Ellie make it through but the beam breaks, isolating Joel. When you regain control, take another path to the right.

You’ll find yourself in a battle with three clickers. If you have any spare shivs, feel free to take one or two down. Otherwise, get a decent vantage point and shoot them down. The museum is a really large venue, so you should have plenty of room to move around. When they’re all dead, scour the surrounding region for resources.

Firefly Pendant 05: Kiper – continued

When you’re ready to proceed, go to the end of the center corridor and open the white double doors. Ascend the opposite stairs and you’ll hear Ellie and Tess fighting runners. At the top of the stairs, turn right to open another set of white double doors.

A runner is hammering on a door in the next room. Kill him and walk through the door to trigger a cutscene. When you finish it, you must save Ellie from a runner. Kill it and then go after the rest of the sick in the area. Due to the dark and limited nature of the environment, a melee weapon is the ideal option here. Don’t squander your bullets; aim for the fences.

When they’re all dead, heal up, gather any stray supplies, and make your way to the open window on the northeast corner of the chamber.

Optional Conversation 7: Tess in the Museum and Optional Conversation 8: Ellie in the Museum

When you reach the museum’s exit windows, you’ll start two optional conversations. Tess will be the first. The prompt will appear over her head when she leans against the window.

After finishing both Optional Conversations, hop through the window and follow Tess to the roof. She’ll see that they need a route to get to the building across the street. Find a nearby plank and place it so Joel is standing with his back to the railing at the top of the fire escape. A cutscene will commence once you set it.

The Last of Us Part 1: The Capitol Building

We’ll be right around the corner from the Capitol Building when we retake control. Follow Tess down the steps ahead of you.

Look to the left of the stairs when you reach the bottom to locate a dead Firefly resting against the wall.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 16: Firefly Orders

You’ll discover revolver ammo at the Firefly’s feet, as well as a note with the Firefly Orders next to him.

Ellie will pocket them and talk to Tess about the Fireflies, wondering if they’ll all be dead by the time the trio comes.

Once you’ve found the note, search for a bin to the right of the stairwell. Move it beneath the scaffolding atop the gate southwest of the bin. Release the bin, climb on it, reach the scaffolding, and drop to the other side.

The Capitol Building will now be seen. Push down the route ahead and into the body of water that is forming in front of you.

Firefly Pendant 06: Davidson

Look for the stone gazebo to the left of the body of water in front of the Capitol Building. Wade over to it and make your way to the center.

Another Firefly Pendant should be found beneath the sea, with this treasure belonging to Melinda Davidson. Keep it in your pocket and then follow Tess up the stairs.

When you reach the top of the steps, open the Capitol Building door. You’ll trigger a lengthy cutscene that radically alters the story’s stakes.

The Last of Us Part 1: Escaping the Capitol Building

We’ll only have one purpose after you recover control: escape. Climb the stairs to your left after grabbing the alcohol and bandages from the table to your right. Continue on the path ahead until you reach a balcony with views of the Capitol Building lobby. You’ll see a gruesome sight, but stay low so the enemy soldiers don’t spot you.

Head through the right door and through the hole in the wall to the building across from you. A dead soldier with a rifle is perched against a wall at the exit to this area. Joel will add the firearm to his armory if you take it. Push through the doors ahead when you’re ready.

Be cautious in the following section, as we’ll have company. Four troops will be dropped into the area to look for Joel and Ellie. You can play this as loud and aggressive as you want, or as quiet and covert as you want. If you want to get in quietly, utilize the passage on your left and employ distractions to draw soldiers in.

If you get detected, there are plenty of locations to hide and resume your stealth mode. Be aware that the last soldier will keep watch at the exit. While this means he won’t get involved if things become heated, it also means you’ll have to break stealth to catch him.

Escaping the Capitol Building – continued

When all four have been dispatched, exit the battle encounter through the doorway opposite where we entered it. Descend the stairs to engage in a second combat engagement, this time against a much larger squad of troops. The most straightforward way out of this section is to play absolutely non-lethally.

When you enter this location, go to the far end of the corridor on the far left and hide behind the table. A troop of soldiers will patrol the region in search of Joel and Ellie. Wait for them to pass, then proceed through the archway to your left.

Use the different tables, boxes, and podiums in this final area to hide from the remaining soldiers and continue pressing left. You’ll ultimately emerge outside after passing via the back doors.

The soldiers will be alerted as soon as you depart, so sprint down the steps and cross to the subway tunnel northeast of you. When you enter, a short cutscene will begin. When it’s finished, dash out of sight and take a deep breath.

The Last of Us Part 1: The Subway Tunnels

If you’re ready, follow Ellie through the tunnels, guiding the way with your torch. You’ll ultimately emerge into a subway station, where Ellie will grab you and drag you into cover as two troops approach. Wait for one of the soldiers to approach you after Ellie and Joel’s chat.

Take him out and then finish him off. When they’re gone, take the path to the right of the nearby subway train. If you follow it all the way to the finish, you’ll find yourself in a vast pool of water. The only issue is that Ellie cannot swim.

Leave Ellie for a time and swim north, using CIRCLE to dive underwater when a locomotive is in your way. You’ll eventually come to a big tunnel. Ellie will arrive at the same location as you by a separate path on the left.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Artifact 17: Smuggler Note

Swim over to Ellie’s current location and climb out of the water. Ellie is picking up a flashlight from a skeletal corpse to her right. The Smuggler Note can be found next to the corpse. Add it to the collection because it’s an artifact.

Firefly Pendant 07: Jirang

In this location, we can also find another collectible. We discovered the Smuggler Note on a short tunnel to the left of the corpse. Swim beneath the wreckage that is clogging the tube to find a submerged work space.

Climb onto a neighboring platform to get some vitamins, then swim beneath it. Some debris is on top of the drawers in the center, and Jirang’s Firefly Pendant is on a shelf to your left. Take it and bring it back to Ellie.

We’ll have to figure out how to move Ellie across to the other side of the submerged tunnel now that you’ve returned to her. Return to the water and turn left. You’ll ultimately come across a floating wooden palette next to a buried 4K TV advertisement.

Grab it with TRIANGLE and return it to Ellie. She’ll jump on it, which will allow you to move her to the other side of the tunnel. She’ll lower a nearby ladder for you when she arrives. Climb to the top and join her. Follow the subway tunnel up and outside to trigger the chapter’s concluding cutscene.

The Outskirts level  is now finished, therefore it’s time to proceed to Bill’s Town in The Last of Us Part 1.

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