The last of us Part 1 weapons

The Last of Us Part 1 weapons are primarily found on bodies, handed to you at important points, and occasionally just lying around in the Remake. We’ll go through everything below, and while some of the greatest weapons in The Last of Us Part 1 are easy to overlook, we’ll go over how to find them all.

There are a total of nine main weapons located across The Last of Us Part 1, found in the following order and areas:

9MM Pistol

The last of us Part 1 9mm

Starting weapon/default. Obtained while gathering your equipment and ready to escape the Quarantine Zone.


The last of us Part 1 revolver

After climbing on the unsteady window cleaners’ platforms outside, discovered on the body of a dead soldier when investigating the tilting building during The Outskirts.

Hunting Rifle

The last of us Part 1 hunting rifle

Joel flees upstairs and jumps across two stories after leaving Tess behind in the Capitol Building. When he lands, there finds a dead Firefly propped up between two doors, holding the Hunting Rifle.


The last of us Part 1 bow

Upon your investigation of Bill’s Town, you will come upon an infected who was killed by a nail bomb trap. Following that, you’ll climb aboard a semi-truck with a chair on top. A bow and arrows are leaning against the back of the chair.

Pump Shotgun

pump shot gun

Provided to you during the Bill’s Town sequence in which you flee into a church. When the cutscene is done, it will be in your inventory.

Shorty/Sawed-Off Shotgun

shorty shot gun

When you go through a door inside the sewers after fleeing the armored car, you’ll set off a noise trap. The Shorty is on a table to the left, just ahead. Grab one of The Last of Us Training Manuals as well, which is just ahead.

El Diablo

el diablo

Upon starting the Tommy’s Dam assignment after leaving Henry and Sam, there is a car that has smashed against a rock up the first road. A skeleton stands next to the open door, flanked by the El Diablo. Not to be confused with the wrecked car further down the road, which has one of The Last of Us comic books.



Once you initially enter the campus, turn right into the loading bay instead of the first barrier that requires a horse to jump over. The Flamethrower is inside, leaning against the forklift truck.

Pump Shotgun Number 2

Later on, you’ll play as Ellie, with a significantly smaller arsenal. Kill any of the adversaries hunting you after the horseback pursuit to steal one of their shotguns and equalize the odds a little.

Assault Rifle

During the hospital firefight, all of Joel’s enemies are armed with assault weapons. Killing any of them allows you to take this new weapon from their bodies.

All of those weapons can be enhanced with The Last of Us weapon upgrades.

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Written by: Rai O.

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