The Pathless Trophies List

In The Pathless you can unlock a total of 43 trophies. In this Trophy Guide we show you all the trophies and their tasks.

Below you will find all the trophies, as well as tips, tactics and tips. You will definitely find everything related to the trophies here! First you will find a table with a short overview. Second you find a detailed list of all trophies, descriptions, Trophy Guides and much more!

More Guides and News about The Pathless you will find on our overview page. Orange marked trophies are linked with a separate and detailed guide!


Trophies List The Pathless

Estimated time for platinum:
Total Trophies: 43 (1,2,12,28)
Offline trophies:
Online trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs


This guide is under construction – it will continue soon!


The Pathless Trophy Guide

  • No Path Untraveled
    Collect all trophies.

  • Gifts of the Tall Ones
    Collect the gift from every spirit.

  • A New Path Awaits
    Witness the extended ending.

  • Sky Master
    Get 10 flaps.

  • Epic Flight
    Fly for over a minute without touching an updraft.

  • High Flyer
    Reach the highest updraft above the mountain.

  • The Pathfinder’s Tale
    Find all the lore of the Pathfinder’s story.

  • Wisdom of the Ancients
    Discover 45 lore messages.

  • Gift of the Elk Spirit
    Obtain the Gift of the Elk Spirit.

  • Gift of the Lizard Spirit
    Obtain the Gift of the Lizard Spirit.

  • Gift of the Snake Spirit
    Obtain the Gift of the Snake Spirit.

  • Gift of the Bear Spirit
    Obtain the Gift of the Bear Spirit.

  • Hunter of the Light
    Collect all the lightstones.

  • Expert Secret Seeker
    Discover 45 lanterns.

  • The Truth is a Pathless Land
    Complete the game and view the credits.

  • 1000 Talismans Shot
    Shoot 1,000 talismans.

  • Acrobat
    Shoot 5 talismans while airborne before touching the ground.

  • Skill Shot Master
    Chain 10 skill shots in a row.

  • Super Slide
    Slide 400 meters down a steep slope.

  • Epic Landing
    Fall 150 meters without gliding and land hard.

  • River Rider
    Drift 300 meters down a river.

  • Trick Shot
    Bounce an arrow off two mirrors.

  • Observer
    Reach the observatory.

  • Cold Hike
    Reach the old fortress.

  • Forest Whisperer
    Run with 6 animals.

  • Storm Survivor
    Survive 3 storm encounters unscathed.

  • Eagle’s Companion
    Pet the eagle 4 times.

  • Ancient Whispers
    Discover 15 lore messages.

  • Echoes of the Past
    Discover 30 lore messages.

  • Light of Cernos
    Collect all the Elk lightstones.

  • Light of Sauro
    Collect all the Lizard lightstones.

  • Light of Nimue
    Collect all the Snake lightstones.

  • Light of Kumo
    Collect all the Bear lightstones.

  • Secret Seeker
    Discover 15 lanterns.

  • Great Secret Seeker
    Discover 30 lanterns.

  • Monastery
    Complete the puzzle at the Monastery.

  • Textile Workshop
    Complete the puzzle at the Textile Workshop.

  • Bathhouse
    Complete the puzzle at the Bathhouse.

  • The Adventure Begins
    Reach the mainland.

  • Cleanse the Elk
    Cleanse the Forest Plateau.

  • Cleanse the Lizard
    Cleanse the Redwood Steppe.

  • Cleanse the Snake
    Cleanse the Great Plains.

  • Cleanse the Bear
    Cleanse the Mountain Tundra.

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