Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction: Achievements Guide and Tips

In the Xbox One game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction you can unlock a total of 42 achievements, with a total of 1.000 Game Score. In this Achievement Guide we show you all the achievements and their tasks.

Below you will find all the achievements, as well as tips, solutions and all collectibles. You will definitely find everything related to the achievements here!

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Achievements List Rainbow Six Extraction

Estimated time for 100%:
Achievements: 42
Secret Achievements:
Missable Achievements:
Minimum Playthroughs


Rainbow Six Extraction Achievement Guide

This Guide is under constuction! As soon as the game is released this guide will be updated!


  • Not Afraid of Goo
    Destroy Sprawl with the React Laser in an Incursion.

  • To Do
    Complete 5 different Objectives.

  • It’s All Connected
    Read each Region’s Meta Quest Description.

  • Major Flex
    Extract from an Incursion after completing all Feats of Arms.

  • Proud Papa
    Equip Headgear on 18 different level 10 Operators.

  • Regicide
    Kill 25 Apexes.

  • Unscathed
    Extract from an incursion at 80% health or above after completing all Objectives

  • To the North
    Complete 20 Objectives in Alaska.

  • Consequential
    Complete 20 Objectives in Truth or Consequences.

  • Encyclopedia
    Interact with 100 Discovery Points

  • Charmed
    Equip a Legendary Charm

  • Spiffy
    Equip a Uniform on 9 different Operators

  • Eeeeeeeew
    Kill 75 Sludges with Explosives.

  • Defeated
    Kill 5 Smashers with a Takedown.

  • Dark Reflection
    Kill a Protean.

  • Big Apple Calling
    Complete 20 Objectives in New York.

  • Frisco Bound
    Complete 20 Objectives in San Francisco.

  • Unflinching
    Complete the Objective on the third sub-map without falling DBNO 15 times.

  • High Score
    Earn a score of 55,000 Intel in a single incursion.

  • Specialist
    Earn 75,000 Intel in Assignment or Crisis incursions.

  • Bigger Kahuna
    Complete all Objectives and extract on 5 Incursions with a level 10 Operator.

  • Fieldwork
    Interact with 5 Discovery Points in each Region.

  • Vertigo
    Stun 200 enemies.

  • Keep ‘Em Comin’
    Kill 6 different enemies in a row.

  • Defused
    Takedown 50 Breachers or Bloaters.

  • Clear ‘Em Out
    Eliminate 100 Grunts.

  • Don’t Talk to Rangers
    Kill 150 Tormentors and Spikers.

  • No Hugs
    Kill 50 Tormentors without being caught by them.

  • Reaper
    Kill 30 Sowers.

  • Welcome Home
    Rescue 1 of your Operators.

  • Mission Probable
    Extract from an Incursion with all Objectives completed and no one MIA.

  • Out With the Boys
    Complete all Objectives on an Incursion with only male Operators.

  • Girl’s Night
    Complete all Objectives on an Incursion with only female Operators.

  • Curiouser
    Interact with a Discovery Point

  • Gun Nut
    Equip 15 Weapon Attachments.

  • Slap Fight
    Hit 3 enemies with melee attacks.

  • Boom
    Kill 50 enemies with explosive gadgets or abilities.

  • Eagle Eye
    Scan 50 enemies with REACT Tech.

  • Stayin’ Alive
    Revive 3 allies.

  • Dissected
    Takedown 50 Nests.

  • Tidying Up
    Kill 30 Blinding Spores.

  • Adrenaline
    Kill an enemy while prone.

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