V-Rally 4 – Trophy Guide & Roadmap

In the PS4 offroad racing game V-Rally 4 you can unlock a total of 50 trophies. In this Trophy Guide we show you all the trophies and their tasks.

Below you will find all the trophies, as well as tips, tactics and tips. You will definitely find everything related to the trophies here!

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Trophies List V-Rally 4

Estimated time for platinum:
Total Trophies: 50 (1,2,11,36)
Offline trophies:
Online trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs


V-Rally 4 Trophy Guide

  • V-Rally 4
    Earn every trophy in the game

  • Mythical
    Become world champion in all game modes

  • Adventurer
    Drive at least 3000 kms all modes combined

  • Operation
    Finish a race without any collision

  • Collector
    Get all the cars of the game

  • Rally fan
    Complete 500 different rally stages

  • Drift king
    Drift a total of 1000m

  • Banker
    Reach a one million dollars balance

  • The world is mine
    Make at least one race in all countries

  • Poser
    Make at least 10 car upgrades

  • Versatile
    Complete a race online in each category

  • Stakhanovist
    End at least 200 online events in all modes combined

  • Airborne
    Jump at least a total of 2000m

  • Good job Scotty
    Use the manual respawn 100 times

  • Rookie
    Win your first Rally race in V-Rally Mode

  • Newbie
    Win your first V-Rally Cross race in V-Rally Mode

  • Novice
    Win your first Hillclimb race in V-Rally Mode

  • Neophyte
    Win your first Extreme-Khana race in V-Rally Mode

  • Apprentice
    Win your first Buggy race in V-Rally Mode

  • Champion
    Win your first rally championship

  • Ace
    Win your first rallycross championship

  • Mountaineer
    Win your first hillclimb championship

  • Virtuoso
    Win your first Extreme-Khana championship

  • Professional
    Win your first buggy championship

  • Hat trick
    Win 3 Quick Game races online

  • Mechanic
    Upgrade a car for the first time

  • Slippery
    Drift 30m in one go

  • Swimmer
    Go through 30 water puddles

  • Director
    Try all in game cameras

  • Trader
    Earn at least 1 million dollars (cumulative)

  • First try
    Play your first online race

  • It needed one
    End last in a race

  • Multitask
    Purchase a car of each gamemode

  • Well played McCloud
    Perform 5 barrel rolls in a race

  • Evolution
    Complete a team of engineers

  • Expansionist
    Hire your first crew member in V-Rally Mode

  • Unique
    Customize your first car plate

  • Go Stephen!
    Win a race without using the brakes

  • Hot rod
    End at least 25 online Rally events

  • Joker
    End at least 25 rallycross races online

  • Climber
    End at least 25 hillclimb races online

  • Purist
    End at least 25 rallycross races online

  • Off road
    End at least 25 buggy races online

  • Kangaroo
    Jump at least 40m in one go

  • Nocturnal vision
    End at least 25 night races all modes combined

  • Dexterous
    End a Extreme-Khana race without any penalty

  • Meteorologist
    End at least one race in each weather condition

  • Gazelle
    Jump at least 250 times

  • Beginner
    Start a new career

  • Teleportation
    Use the manual respawn for the first time

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