Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysium is Square Enix’s latest action role-playing game, players can earn several trophies by exploring Midgard. If you wish to fully complete the game, here are all of the Valkyrie Elysium achievements and their respective unlocking procedures.

Here is a list of all Valkyrie Elysium trophies and how to unlock them:

Platinum Trophy

Title Description Trophy
Creator Obtained every trophy Platinum

Gold Trophies

Title Description Trophy
Twilight of the Great Wolf Defeated Fenrir Gold
Savior of the Dead Completed all subquests Gold
High-Tier God Completed the game on Hard difficulty Gold

Silver Trophies

Title Description Trophy
Twilight of the All-Father Defeated Odin Silver
The All-Father’s Right Hand Obtained “S” rank on every quest Silver
Beyond Reminiscence Obtained every Hollow Blossom Silver
Truth of the Gods Obtained every Verdant Blossom Silver
Weapons Collector Obtained every weapon Silver
Arts Master Learned every Divine Art Silver
Skill Master Learned all of Valkyrie’s skills Silver
Commanding Master Learned every Einherjar attack and their normal attacks Silver
Fellowship of Souls Unlocked all Einherjar memories Silver
Mid-Tier God Completed the game on Normal difficulty Silver

Bronze Trophies

Title Description Trophy
Divinity Anew Completed the tutorial Bronze
Valkyrie, Claimer of Souls Completed Chapter 1 Bronze
Champions of the Divine Completed Chapter 2 Bronze
An Unexpected Reunion Completed Chapter 3 Bronze
Victims of the Gods Completed Chapter 4 Bronze
Those Offered the Hand of Salvation Completed Chapter 5 Bronze
Evil Arises Completed Chapter 6 Bronze
Metamorphosis & Doubt Completed Chapter 7 Bronze
The Truth Unmasked Completed Chapter 8 Bronze
The Fate of the World Completed Chapter 9 Bronze
A Momentary Escape Agreed to Armand’s offer Bronze
Unbound Possibilities Completed every ending Bronze
Talk of the Dead Completed a subquest Bronze
Icon of the Dead Completed 10 subquests Bronze
Superstar of the Dead Completed 20 subquests Bronze


Bronze Trophies – Continued

Title Description Trophy
A Loyal Servant Obtained “S” rank on a quest Bronze
An Impure Soul Purified a monster Bronze
An Impure Beast Purified a Naglfar Bronze
Combo Master Raised the Combo Gauge to 300 Hits Bronze
Pitfall Purified a monster by pushing them into a hole or off a cliff Bronze
Lightning Strike Defeated two monsters with a single Lightning Bolt Bronze
Soul Burst Landed a Soul Burst Level 3 attack Bronze
Soul Steal Landed a Soul Steal in midair Bronze
Nibelung Valesti Landed a Nibelung Valesti I attack Bronze
Vestige of a Soul Obtained a Hollow Blossom Bronze
A Mysterious Flower Obtained a Verdant Blossom Bronze
Rune Novice Obtained a rune Bronze
Rune Master Obtained every rune Bronze
Anvil Master Upgraded every weapon to its full potential Bronze
Weapons Master Reached SSS proficiency with every weapon Bronze
Elysiumania Unlocked all terms Bronze
Affinity of a Soul Unlocked an Einherjar memory Bronze


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