theHunter: Call of the Wild – Vurhonga Savanna Achievement List

With the latest expansion Vurhonga Savanna receives theHunter: Call of the Wild some new achievements. In total there are 12 new Achievements with together 500 Points.

Below you will find all the new achievements, their conditions and points.

Remember, you must have downloaded and installed the Vurhonga Savanna DLC, otherwise you will not be able to play the latest Achievements. The extension is chargeable!


theHunter: Call of the Wild – Vurhonga Savanna Achievements Guide

  • Vurhonga Savanna Arc
    Complete all the Vurhonga Savanna Mission arcs

  • The Lion of Vurhonga
    Harvest an animal in every subregion in Vurhonga Savanna

  • Warden Missions Arc
    Complete the Warden Mission arcs

  • Mboweni Arc
    Complete Maria Mboweni’s mission arc

  • Ospreay Arc
    Complete Flip Ospreay’s mission arc

  • Maritz Arc
    Complete Dana Maritz’s mission arc

  • Brother Arc
    Complete Brother’s mission arc

  • An Experienced Senior Warden
    Harvest every animal species in Vurhonga Savanna

  • Camouflage
    Spot 50 lesser kudu

  • A Match for the Widowmaker
    Harvest a cape buffalo downed by the King 470DB

  • Springbok City
    Harvest 25 springbok

  • Njabulo’s Sorrow
    Find Rambolo, the last rhino of Vurhonga Savanna

    Secret Achievement

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