Warzone Battle Royale – All 12 Bunker Locations

Warzone Bunker 01

Yesterday’s Modern Warfare Update 1.21 activated the bunkers in Warzone. We explain to you what the bunkers are all about, where you can find them and how to open them.

The bunkers have been integrated on the map for quite a while, but you couldn’t enter them. This has now changed, the bunkers are now active and you can enter them. If you open a bunker you will be rewarded with many boxes, loot and cash are included in the chests.


Find and open Warzone bunkers

There are a total of 12 bunkers on the map. To open a bunker you need a red key card / access card. The access cards are not hidden in fixed places, you can find them in boxes, among other things.

Below you will find a list of all bunkers, a picture with all locations on the map and a video of the locations.

  • Bunker 00: You found this bunker on the southwestern bank, south of Zozsni Spomenik
  • Bunker 01: Bunker 01 is hidden between Kart Racing Track and Junkyard
  • Bunker 02: North of Junkyard
  • Bunker 03: This bunker is directly next to Bunker 02, accessible through a trap door
  • Bunker 04: A little east of Gora Dam
  • Bunker 05: The bunker is hidden in the middle of the north, at Crash Site. Southeast of Bunker 04
  • Bunker 06: On the very right edge (east) of the map. Finds over the tunnel between Lumber Yard and River Quarry
  • Bunker 07: Northeast of the stadium, accessible through a trap door
  • Bunker 08: You will find bunker 08 next to bunker 07
  • Bunker 09: At the bottom of the map (southeast), northeast of Prison
  • Bunker 10: Middle in the south of the map, east of Styor Spomenik and south of the stadium
  • Bunker 11: Northwest of Military Base


Modern Warfare Warzone Bunker Locations Map

Warzone Bunker Locations

Warzone Bunker Locations Video

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