Wasteland 3 How to Unlock the Medbay – Top Doc Mission

In this Guide we will show you how to unlock the Medbay and show you the location where you can find Doc Parker.

To find the Doctor you have to go to downtown Colorado Springs. There you have to go to Josiah Casady, next to the market place. Behind Josiah is a door, go in there and defeat all opponents. In the room you will find a safe and next to it a container, you have to take everything with you, you need it for the Doc Parker Mission: Top Doc. Then talk to Josiah and he will give you the clue where the Doctor can be found.

Then go to the Doc Parker and complete his missions to unlock Ranger HQ Medbay. To heal the patient you need:

  • First Aid Level 1
  • Suture Kit
  • Injury Kit
  • Medic packs

You have to unlock First Aid in the skills menu, you should have already found two of the required items in the room with the opponents. The third item is outside the doctor’s room. Leave the room with the doc, go a few meters down and search all possibilities. Have you healed all the injured, go to the Ranger HQ. Walk to the fast travel point – Ranger-HQ. When you have arrived at the Ranger HQ, walk into the building and immediately to the left, go into the corridor and open the Medbay!

From this point on you can always go to the Medbay and speak to Doc Parker, he will cure all of your rangers!

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Wasteland 3 How to Find the Medbay/Doctor Location

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