Watch Dogs Legion – Hack The Planet Trophy Guide

In Watch Dogs Legion there are a total of 40 trophies to unlock including the platinum trophy.

If you want to finish the game with 100% and platinum, you have to unlock all trophies. In this guide we want to explain the task and show you how to unlock the following trophy or achievement:

  • Hack The Planet
    Propagate a hack across 8 targets at once

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Watch Dogs Legion Propagate a hack across 8 targets at once

You have to initiate a hack on 8 targets at the same time to unlock this trophy. A hack can be performed with an agent who is a hacker because he has the Viral hacking ability, which is needed to complete the job.

From where do I get a hacker? Quite early in the game you`ll receive the main mission Clarion Call mission which automatically unlock a hacker. There are multiple ways to complete this tasks and one of them is the following:

Head to Trafalgar Square in the city of Westminster during the day. Usually you will meet 8 demonstrators which are you see close together on the stairs. Now you have to press L1 and X at the same time. This leads to a distraction because of the Hacker ability Viral Hacking and it will spread to anyone nearby. You will unlock the trophy once it spreads to 8 people.

Written by: Tom Binsack

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