In the Xbox One game What the Box? you can unlock a total of 13 achievements. In this Achievement Guide we show you all the achievements and their tasks.

Below you will find all the achievements, as well as tips, solutions and all collectibles. You will definitely find everything related to the achievements here!

Trophies List What the Box?

Estimated time for platinum:
Achievements: 13
Secret Achievements:
Missable Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs



    What the Box? – Achievements Guide

    • Been there, done that
      Win 5 matches on each game mode
    • The box, the box, the box is on fire!
      Get a 4 killstreak 10 times
    • The Assassin
      Kill a total of 91 boxes
    • Don’t bring a gun to a box cutter fight
      Kill 10 boxes with the box cutter
    • The Apprentice
      Win one match on each game mode
    • All duct taped up
      Capture the enemy tape 10 times
    • Same attack never works twice
      Get 5 revenge kills
    • Polverine
      Regenerate to full health 10 times
    • A totem full of boxes
      Get on the top of 4 boxes
    • This box is on fire!
      Get a 4 killstreak
    • The Agent
      Kill a total of 47 boxes
    • Recycled
      Meet the Shredder
    • Box? Box? BOOOOOOXXXX!
      Die for the first time

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