Wolfenstein Youngblood: Collectibles Locations Guide


Catacombs (Part 1 – First Visit) Collectibles

3D Glasses 16 (Female Resistance Fighter)
Readable 11 (Die Neue Wahrheit article no.5)
3D Glasses 9 (Skiff)
Readable 12 (Dimitri’s Journal)
UVK Cover 5 (Pink Mist)
3D Glasses 17 (Elite Hans Arcade Machine)
Readable 17 (Maria’s Note)
Readable 15 (Anais’ Journal)
3D Glasses 15 (Male Resistance Fighter)
Readable 18 (Anais’ Note)
UVK Cover 6 (America: The New Order)
Cassette Tape 5 (Resistance Log: Elite Hans)
3D Glasses 14 (Cyber Pilot)
Readable 19 (Juju’s Speech Notes)
Readable 14 (Juju’s Diary)
3D Glasses 11 (Juju)
Readable 16 (Shopping List)
3D Glasses 10 (Abby)
Readable 10 (Die Neue Wahrheit article no.4)
Readable 20 (Abby’s Notes)
UVK Cover 3 (Der Franzosische Koch)
Readable 15 (Uncle Kareem’s Letter)
Cassette Tape 4 (Golden Oldies: The Old Blood no.1)
3D Glasses 13 (Grand Piano)
3D Glasses 12 (Jacques)
Cassette Tape 6 (Illegal Bootleg)
UVK Cover 4 (Kader Kumpels)
Readable 9 (Die Neue Wahrheit article no.3)


Underground (Detention Area 4 Sewers) Collectibles

Floppy Disk 34 (Die Neue Wahrheit article no.25)
Readable 80 (Stolen Gestapo Crate)

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