World of Warcraft: Unlock Dark Iron Dwarf – That’s the way it works

With the World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth, the Dark Iron dwarves are one of the new allied Race. But how can you unlock the Dark Iron dwarves in WoW?

If you want to acquire this allied race, you must first talk to Moira Thaurissan in Stormwind. For this to happen, you must provide the following:

  • You need an Alliance character at level 120
  • You must have completed the Alliance War Campaign (ready for war)
  • You need an exalted reputation with the 7th Legion

If you meet these requirements, you will receive a quest from her, so you must complete a scenario that includes several steps. We’ll show you a list of sections, including a complete video guide to the scenario.

  • #1 – Blackrock Depths
  • #2 – The MOTHERLODE!! Dungeon
  • #3 – Molten Core
  • #4 – Firelands
  • #5 – Blackrock Depths
  • #6 – Stormwind Embassy

Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race Unlock Questline

Written by: Carizma

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