WoW: So you unlock the “Night Warrior” adjustments

The patch 8.1 of World of Warcraft is live, In addition to many new content, there are also the new customization options for night elves, which, however, must first be unlocked. Night elves in World of Warcraft can now have black eyes and a new skin color. We reveal how you unlock these changes.

Night elves can take on the visual appearance of the “Night Warrior” with Patch 8.1, a special form of Elune’s wrath. This ensures that they have black eyes and a slightly changed skin color. Playfully, however, nothing changes in the characters.

To unlock the Night Warrior adjustments: Unlocking the new customizations is simple. After logging in, Alliance characters who reached level 120 will be targeted to Boralus. Tyrande’s comes flying in and has a quest ready for the players. They are sent to Stormwind and have to listen to the War Council there. Afterwards it continues seamlessly to the dark coast.

The quest line is self-explanatory and each step leads straight to the next. Tyrande goes through the transformation to the Night Warrior, which you can also see in this cutscene.

Tyrande’s Darkening – Night Warrior Transformation

Written by: Carizma

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