Over 70 WWE superstars and legends are available for your matches at the start – including Becky Lynch, The Undertaker, Aleister Black, Seth Rollins and The Rock. With the scheduled future and free updates, you will get more than 60 new wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. So you can expect a lot of familiar faces either from your childhood or present WWE with whom you can fight your way through the individual and different game modes either alone or with friends in the local and online multiplayer mode.

Other than that you you can create your own wrestler in the Superstar Editor and use it to shake up the star-studded WWE roster – or even take part in the time-limited online tournaments under various match conditions and receive great rewards.

This WWE 2K Battlegrounds Unlockable Battlegrounds Guide will explain all about battlegrounds and we will show you how to unlock each battleground in the game. Below you will find a list of all different and unlockable Battlegrounds in WWE 2K Battleground.

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Monday Night Raw
In order to get the Monday Night Raw unlocked you habe to complete the New York Story in the campaign mode of the game. Just play trough the through the New York Story campaign. Once you completed the New York part and defeateded Finn Balor the new Battleground is successfully unlocked.


For playing in the Everglades you have to complete the Florida Story in the Campaign Mode of the game. The Everglades battleground will be unlocked by continue playing through the campaign until you finished the whole Florida campaign and defeating Paul Heyman’s client and Brock Lesnar.


This is quite simpel to unlock a the new battleground Mexico. Start and complete the Mexico Story in the Campaign Mode of the game. While you are playing through the story you have to defeat Lince Dorado and complete the whole Mexico story to unlock a new battleground.


Boot Camp
The Boot Camp is different to unlock. You don’t have to complete the entirely Campaign mode of the Battleground Boot Camp. It is enough to win a few tag team matches. You will start to fight against Carmella and Naomi. Once you defeated, and you’ll be fighting Naomi in the next match. At the end you have to fight Naomi and Carmella in another tag team match which will unlock the the new Boot Camp Battleground after winning.


In order to get the Scotland’s Battleground unlocked just defeat Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon in a tag team match in the Scotland location of the Campaign. There is another tag team match to play, this time you have to defeat Natalya and Nikki Cross while playing through the campaign. Now take place in the Royal Rumble and defeat Ember Moon and Ronda Rousey to unlock the new battleground Scotland.


In the Detroit part of the Campaign you have to defeat the legend The Rock to get the battleground unlocked. While you playing this campaign you have to fight against Bray Wyatt before the legend The Rock comes across your way. The Battleground Detroit is unlocked once you have won both fights.


WrestleMania is the last battleground of WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Here you have to fight and win through the first four matches. At the end you have to fight and win against Ember Moon and the last battleground WrestleMania is unlocked as well.

Written by: Tom Binsack

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