All information about WoW: Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance in the overview

All information about WoW: Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance in the overview

The public test realm of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is back in action and has been patch 8.1. In “Tides of Vengeance” the war between Horde and Alliance is driven forward. In this article we keep all announcements and innovations of the first content update clearly arranged for you.

New Story – How the story goes on in patch 8.1

In the new patch, the alliance begins its offensive against the continent Zandalar and tries to inflict a devastating blow on the trolls of the Zandalari Empire.

This story is told in the “Double Raid” Siege of Zuldazar. While Alliance players direct the attack, the Horde experiences the defense of the city of Dazar’Alor. Afterwards, however, both factions can “re-enact” the other side of the story. Within the raid, some heroes will die – which are, we’ll tell you in the article on the victims of the siege of Zuldazar (new!).

The plot around Vol’jin’s mind is driven forward. The players go in search of the origin of his visions and try to find out why Vol’jin made Sylvanas Warchief.


New mechanics – What features are being redesigned in Patch 8.1?

The first content patch for Battle for Azeroth continues to screw around existing content.

The legion invasions return – but without a legion. Instead, there are so-called “incursions,” in which the Alliance and Horde invade enemy territory.

Island expeditions are to be improved and expanded, there are about two new islands and the mechanics on the islands are changed.

There are also changes for tanks. The ridicule is toned down!

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