Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

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Rainbow Six: Siege – Review of this awesome strategy shooter

In the year 2015 Ubisoft released Rainbow Six: Siege, a new type of strategy ego shooter game.

Rainbox Six Siege – Compact game review – Awesome tactical shooter

Two teams of 5 are playing against each other. The first team has to defend an object and the other try to capture it. These objects could be bombs, which are to be defused,
or a hostage, which is to be rescued. There are lots of unique things in this game. In the first minutes the defenders could prepare their area with reinforced walls, barricades on the windows and different traps. The availability of these traps depends on the chosen character. On the other hand, the attackers could spy their enemies with drones and build a plan according to the preparations. The people are also speaking about a new vertical gameplay, because there are always a few floors in the levels and you can attack from various directions. For example, there is an option to climb objects with a rope and breach into windows, which are not got barricaded before. Otherwise you can breach into it with limited explosive breach charges. To be a good siege player, you need to have all the common FPS (First Person Shooter) basic skills like aiming, map-knowledge and you should be familiar with peakers advantage. But most importantly to win, you need to be a great team. It requires to have a good teamplay and strategy. You can be the most skilled player in Counter Strike, but in this game, you are lost without a good overview and the support of your teammates.

Rainbox Six Siege community is still expanding

The Siege community is still growing and there is no end in sight. More and more sponsors get attention of this game, which also means, that it becomes lots of full time pro-players and huge tournament events. With Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft created an attractive evergreen game that you should give a chance, when you are getting tired of all the similar games like PUBG and Fornite.

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The Good

  • unique gameplay with a high strategic share
  • continuous development of the game
  • expanding community

The Bad

  • demanding gameplay
  • huge learning extent of classes and maps

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