Resident Evil 2

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Finally folks we are so close to the release of the legendary horror shooter Resident Evil

We proudly had the chance to make your first impressions of the remake of this epic game created by Capcom that the most of us played for several years.

How shall we build up the review?

We decided the start with one statement:

Resident Evil 2: Epic old crual horror in a modern shell

resident evil 2 remake review

It’s been 20 years since Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield first made their way through the graphically impressive and incredibly spooky Raccoon Police Department. This story repeats itself at 25th of January

Before we start at the beginning there is one thing we want to mention: players who have wished for an all-around modern-tuned second part wont be happy with Resident Evil 2. Audiovisual may be the bids in 2019, but less in content. In this case, our recommendation is: Stay away! On the other hand, if you are open-minded about trying to reconcile the old with the new, then read on.

Let’s start at the beginning, with the story. Connoisseurs of the original already know what to expect. For newcomers we do not want to anticipate the whole horror fun. So it remains with a brief summary: Policeman Leon and student Claire experience an incredible zombie nightmare in the police station of Raccoon City. Because the ammunition is short and the puzzle density is high, getting ahead in the crooked building quickly becomes a struggle for survival.

In the beginning, you decide on Leon, the new recruits in the Raccoon Police Department, or Claire, who is looking for her brother Chris. Their stories differ in some passages from each other, they also use some other weapons. Otherwise, the playful process remains the same. After the prelude you will find yourself in the entrance hall of the police station. Few roads are open, significantly more are blocked. By finding keys and other objects, you gradually open up the multi-story building. A clear map and findable hints are among the biggest help.

resident evil 2 remake review

Also important are strong nerves, because the whole thing is called Survivalhorror for a good reason: In the gloomy walls not only zombies strive for life. The two protagonists have initially only a pistol. During the game more weapons are added, including a shotgun for Leon and a grenade launcher for Claire. No matter what you use, the ammunition is always rare. The same applies to medicinal herbs and knives that can save you life in close combat.

The plot may be known, but the technique is not. Graphics and sound can no longer be compared with the original. At first this sounds completely logical, since a contemporary presentation is one of the basic ingredients of a good overhaul. But especially connoisseurs of the original should be baffled, as well as Resident Evil 2 looks. You look policeman Leon and student Claire at the shivering now over the shoulder. Her repertoire includes walking, running, shooting and interacting with objects. The close proximity to the two smartly modeled characters alone makes everything seem much more intense than it did two decades ago.

The police station is as big and finely dressed as never before – this is already clearly distinguishing the new Resident Evil 2 from the classic. However, one must emphasize the design of the zombies. Your visages and body look gorgeous nasty. If you shoot the pack in the face – and you should always do that -, rip out all the flesh. Even your arms and legs can be cut off, but that also barely stops the brain eater. For sure a zombie in Resident Evil 2 will not be done until there is nothing left of his head.

Owners of a 4K TV including PS4 Pro or Xbox One X enjoy splatter and scary mood in the corresponding Ultra HD resolution and HDR support. We mainly played the PS4 version on a 65-inch television for the test. On this scale, there are some low-quality textures, especially on walls and decorations, such as pictures or vases.

However, the HDR effect makes up for that easily: Because you often bring only with your flashlight light into the darkness, the increased contrast range can show its strengths. What is not illuminated by the light’s sparkle glides over fine shades of gray into deep black. The many scenes with low or indirect lighting make up a large part of the atmosphere. On request, regardless of the resolution, a film grain effect can be activated.
Also important are strong nerves, because the whole thing is called Survivalhorror for a good reason: In the gloomy walls not only zombies strive for life. The two protagonists have initially only a pistol. During the game more weapons are added, including a shotgun for Leon and a grenade launcher for Claire. No matter what you use, the ammunition is always rare. The same applies to medicinal herbs and knives that can save you life in close combat.

Above all doubt is the sound. By means of a surround sound system or suitable headphones, an enormously complex and disturbing soundscape unfolds. The acoustic spatiality inspires with distant, sometimes immediate sounds – the spectrum ranges from soft rustling to dull moaning to loud screaming. This not only boosts your heart rate but also helps to locate approaching undead or other dangers. The soundtrack plays partly Spartan, but then again very urgently. In terms of dynamics Resident Evil 2 draws from the full. Even 3-D audio is supported if you have the necessary equipment.

But you can also switch to the original sound of 1998 – given the limited quality, this is just a nice gag. The German dubbing really falls apart: While some characters sound strong and appropriate to the threatening situation, others convey more soap opera as a horror mood. Changes to English, which improves the mood.

Other concessions to modern times include three levels of difficulty. You should simply ignore the level “light”, because weak opponents, aiming help and automatic healing just do not belong in a Resident Evil. “Standard” regularly sets automatic reset points and allows you to save manually indefinitely. Veterans, on the other hand, opt for the eponymous level, where enemies are stronger, checkpoints can be eliminated and secured on the usual typewriters only with found ribbons. A change of level during the game is not possible by the way. So think in advance what you trust.

Resident Evil 2 is hardly recognizable from the outside, but content and process could hardly be more classical. Despite free camera control and fast 180-degree turn the return seems slow, sometimes even cumbersome. The what, how and when is strictly predetermined. The search for the next item or key follows a fixed, constantly recurring formula that can only be partially shortened or broken. For lack of ammunition opponents must sometimes be bypassed instead of being killed. We will save more versions, because if you have read this far, you want to play like that. And that’s exactly why you’ll love Resident Evil 2!

Capcom presents a clear counterpart to the fast-paced, hectic and ever-expanding group of game guilds. The crazy thing is that it needs for this change of scenery, not a fresh concept and billion budget, but the reflection on the virtues of a 20-year-old Playstation game.

The first important element, the level design, must still be described as excellent. Capcom knits a manageable but well thought-out network of corridors, rooms and elevators. Anyone who has learned to read the map soon realizes how cleverly many areas are interconnected. Although the plot is linear, but there is still something to discover. Instead of overloading the battalion of the custodians with items, you will hide a few, but actually helpful extras for people who want to return with new knowledge or fresh objects to already visited places.

Especially because of their rarity, each of these finds feels good and special. Just pay attention to have space for it in the inventory, because it is limited in typical series. Surplus lands in one of the strategically placed boxes, next to which practically always a typewriter is stored.

The old-fashioned construction sets the stage for the game’s second great strength: atmosphere. Together with graphics and sound Resident Evil 2 can captivate you. Because the story runs on solid lines, you are the course quasi delivered. Even connoisseurs of the original will be amazed by some changes, which tension the actually well-known story offers. Although you are sneaking nervously, perhaps even anxiously, around every corner, you want to move further into this nightmare.

At the highest level of difficulty, this unfolds its full effect: Only those who shoot only when necessary, risks calculated correctly and ways completely internalized, have a chance. This may sound pompous, but belongs to the playable Survivalhorrorrealität. Already two Zombiebisse do you, conversely put the walking corpses a huge number of hits. Together with the restriction to be able to save only with limited available color bands, this mode is something for quite tough types!

The new edition retains another special feature of the original, namely the replay value. Linear design and clever design allow Resident Evil 2 to be learned. For example, if you are able to run the card with your eyes closed and recite the position of each item by heart, you may dare to end the game within a time limit. Other tasks are to complete some puzzles with a few attempts or shoot the hat off a certain gray giant.

As a reward for completing the 87 challenges, concept graphics, character models, outfits, and even extra weapons will be on hand. After the first run through the two campaigns, each lasting between seven and ten hours, you unlock for Leon and Claire the so-called 2nd passage. This varies the events of both stories, for example, by leading you to new places and offering another end. A return to celebrate the two additional modes with hunk and tofu, which also want to be unlocked.

In a nutshell

If you want to enjoy a remake of an epic oldtimer game, Resident Evil 2 is a must-have for every gamer! You have a awesome sound environment with a great level design. In a conclusion you will enjoy a game with a high replay value!

Tell us you thoughts about Resident Evil 2! We are looking forward to read from you! Use our comment function and feel free to share this article!

The Good

  • clever level design
  • nice graphics
  • awesome sound environment
  • high reply value

The Bad

  • slow and sometimes tough process

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