Anthem: After good Demo-Feedback BioWare has an optimistic feeling

Anthem: After good Demo-Feedback BioWare has an optimistic feeling

The developers of BioWare apparently go with a good feeling in the launch phase of the online title Anthem. The feedback on the recent demo / stress test is very positive for the developers.

Before Anthem will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC for all players next week, BioWare will release a small assessment on the release. BioWare’s lead producer Michael Gamble is in a positive mood in an interview with Business Insider.

As he says, the feedback on the Anthem demo was almost entirely positive. The main criticisms were various bugs, which were still fixed for the launch version. For this reason, one seems to have nothing to fear.

BioWare has a good feel for the launch

Most of the feedback, according to Gamble, was that the players said, “Hey, this game is running, the foundation, the core, the moment to moment gameplay feels solid, but I’m worried about the bugs.”

Another criticism of some players was that apparently there were too few servers, which apparently caused network problems. However, according to Gamble, there were enough servers, but there was a problem in the “Anthem” client, which was revealed in the larger scale test. In this sense, the demo of the game has also served as a stress test. Such problems should therefore not be expected for launch.

In summary, Gamble said:

“Overall, it was a pretty positive thing. And with many flaws we had a good feeling because either they were already A) fixed or B) things we could not consistently reproduce from our side, and now we have a lot of pretty good reproductions and then we can fix it. I think it felt pretty good overall. “

Did you play the Anthem Demo? What are your thoughts? Use the comments below!

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